Rumor: iPad mini already in production?

Since the release of the iPhone 5, the brunt of the Apple rumor mill has fallen on the iPad mini. The latest bit of speculation regarding the iPad’s smaller cousin comes from Japanese blog Macotakara, which published a story claiming that production for the device has already started in a Brazilian factory.

Unfortunately there wasn’t much information about the device itself, aside from the fact that it does not feature the back-facing microphone found on the iPhone 5. Previous iPad mini manufacturing rumors have led people to believe that Apple is splitting up production of the device – if it exists – between Foxconn and another electronics manufacturer called Pegatron. Of course there’s no way of knowing if this story is legit until someone at Apple makes an official statement, but if we’re lucky, we could get such confirmation sooner rather than later.

Let’s hope that, if Apple really is planning to release an iPad mini, it’s managed to build quite a few of them as demand for the device will probably be very high.



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