Possible iPad Mini Pricing, Size Listings Leaked To The World

The iPad Mini may be one of the current tech world biggest unicorns, but with every leak we begin to get closer and closer to what we can expect from an actual launch announcement from Apple. One burning question has been where the iPad Mini would fit into Apple’s lineup when it comes to both size and pricing? If the above screenshot is legit, we may have an answer.

According to Flo’s Weblog, the image shows entries for iPad Mini models in 8GB, 16GB, 32GB and 64GB capacities in both Wi-Fi and cellular-enabled models. The pricing itself is listed in Euros, but it breaks down to 8GB for 249 Euros ($322) and goes up to 16GB for 349 Euros, 449 Euros for 32GB and 549 Euros for the 64GB. Adding a cellular-enabled model will add 100 Euros to the size of your choice.

Obviously we’re taking this pricing and size leak with a grain of salt as it’s hard to know where Apple will place the iPad Mini in their lineup between the full size iPad and iPod Touch. I know we’d like to see a 16GB iPad Mini start around $250, but that may be wishful thinking as far as this leak goes. For now, we’ll have to wait and see if those October 23rd rumors come to fruition and get final word from Apple on the mysterious unicorn that is the iPad Mini.

PhoneDog via Flo’s Weblog

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  • Bratty

    European prices are higher than US prices in general. IF THIS LEAK IS TRUE, then the US pricing will be around $250 for the 8GB mini. Having said that, I think we will all be surprised. That may be good or bad I guess!

  • sqt72

    I agree with Bratty. I don’t see the U.S. price for an 8GB device going over $250. Most people aren’t taking into account the 19% VAT on the German pricing (which I understand is automatically added on to the price). Trying to sell a 16GB mini at $450 (as I’ve seen some sites suggest) is ridiculous when you can buy a 16GB iPad 2 for $399.