Passbook gets support from the likes of McDonalds, Airbnb and Eventbrite

If you’re currently using iOS 6, you’re probably wondering why the hell you can’t use Passbook for anything. It seems that with the removal of YouTube and the failure of Apple’s Maps that everyone has neglected Passbook, leaving it left with little functionality from only a handful of businesses. Fortunately though, a few more companies are offering support for the seemingly useless application.

The companies include McDonalds, Airbnb and Eventbrite, and all use pretty much the same concept. You pay for something, whether it be a meal, a flight, or a ticket for an event, and then you get a digital pass (in McDonalds’ case, a QR code) and then you get access to whatever you paid for. As of yet, the McDonalds app will only work at 45 restaraunts in France, but hopefully the fast food chain will increase compatibility in no time.

Okay, so it’s not the ‘digital wallet’ that Apple promised, but it’s a start, and hopefully more and more companies will start to support Passbook, and make it what it should have been when it was released.

Since Passbook was first announced, I’ve been very skeptical about whether it’ll catch on, especially here in the UK. There is now evidence of Apple expanding their horizons with it, but I’m still very unsure about it becoming a ‘digital wallet’. But who knows, perhaps in the coming months , I’ll be buying everything with my iPhone.


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  • There’s nothing really stopping any merchant from issuing Passes.  
    Business don’t need to invest in an app or fight for real estate on the iPhone screen.  They can even get rid of the cost of producing and managing wasteful plastic and paper tickets, vouchers and store cards.
    Sure, Passbook doesn’t yet ‘do payments’ but for all the annoying paper and plastic that businesses send there customers (sometimes in the post.. costing again) each year it makes total sense for them to move to Passes; not only cutting costs, but also providing something that many people are demanding.  The time is right now.
    I thought it might be helpful to dispel a myth (or confusion) that Passes can only be distributed via an app.  That is not the case at all.  A Pass created using PassKit effectively provides you a URL; which can then be distributed anyway you can share a URL; in an email, a web page, facebook page, in an app or even in a QR code (that your customers scan. For example if you want to give a promotion pass in your bar just put a QR code on the wall (maybe the bathroom wall), customer scans it and gets to add a Pass to Passbook).
    The best thing you can do today is ask your favourite stores when they will replace the plastic membership cards, vouchers, ticket etc… with Passbook Passes.  If they need help just tell them to get in touch with us. They can be issuing Passbook passes in less than a week. Given how many people are asking for something to go in their Passbook, I’d say this in itself is enough reason to act now (a great marketing campaign to be issuing Passbook Passes).