Official GoPro app allows you to control your camera from your iDevice

As fans of pretty much any extreme sport will know, the GoPro is a super durable, go-anywhere camera that suits the inevitable knocks and bangs of the skatepark, swimming pool, or ski slope.

But what the GoPro has in terms of sturdiness, it lacks in functionality, I mean, it doesn’t even have a screen, and although you won’t be using the screen of your camera when throwing yourself out of a plane at 120mph, it means that lining up shots, checking SD capacity or looking at your battery life can be annoyingly difficult.

But if you own a GoPro HD Hero 2, then you’ll be pleased to discover that GoPro has released an official app to users of iPhones, iPads and Android devices, that allows you to check the device’s status and see a live video feed to see through the camera’s ‘eyes’ (my knowledge of photography and videography is pretty limited)by using WiFi to connect your GoPro to your iOS or Android device. So now you can mount your camera anywhere, without having to worry about it dying or recording your elbow, rather than the 360 flip that you just landed down a stair set.

If you want the app, you may need to upgrade your GoPro’s firmware, so head over to GoPro’s website to find out.


Via: CultofMac


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