Need a keyboard folio for your pre-ordered iPad mini? ZAGG’s got you covered for $90

ZAGG is fast becoming one of my favorite accessory manufacturers for iDevices of all sizes. I’ve tried the ZAGGKeys Flex for the new iPad and ZAGG Skins for iPhone 5 and both are products of fantastic quality. Only a couple of days after the iPad mini was announced, ZAGG has revealed its plans for ensuring the smaller tablet users aren’t left in the dark and have designed two new Bluetooth keyboards.

The ZAGGKeys Mini 7 AND ZAGGKeys Mini 9 are very similar products at the same $89.99 price point. The only real difference is that the Mini 9 has a bigger keyboard with more space in between the keys. In fact, the mini 9 has the same size keyboard as the ZAGGKeys Flex that I tried, reviewed and loved. So, I know already that it’s very easy to use and get accustomed to, despite being smaller than a conventional Mac/PC keyboard.

If you’ve ordered an iPad mini, and want a keyboard case for it, head on over to and check them out. I’ll hopefully get my hands on one to review. So, if you want to see what I think first, hang on for my review. If previous accessories are anything to go by, they should be a couple of stellar performers.

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