Most iPhones damaged in the Kitchen, 9% dropped in the loo [Infographic]

SquareTrade, a company that specializes in warranties and gadget insurance has released a very interesting iPhone-focussed infographic detailing the most common iPhone accidents. It may not surprise you that out of all accidents, over half of them occur in the user’s own home. Out of those in-house incidents, 21% occur in the kitchen, 18% in the living room, 16% in the bathroom and 8% in the bedroom. Also, the damage is almost always the fault of the owner, and not someone else. The company also released a controversial iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy SIII drop test video recently, which received a lot of criticism – mostly from Android fans.

The stats certainly make sense, since most people spend the majority of their time in the living room or kitchen during the day. And, since the living room is less littered with hazards than the kitchen, it also follows common sense/logic that the kitchen would be the domain of most accidents. Think hard floors, hot/cold water, fire, heat, moisture, sharp objects. My advise: never take your iPhone in the kitchen when you’re cooking.

Take a look, have you ever damaged your iPhone in any of these ways?


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