Lack of ambient light sensor in 5th generation iPod touch explained in email from Phil Schiller

Yesterday we talked about the ambient light sensor, or lack thereof, in the newest iPod touch. Put simply, there isn’t one. While this may not be the biggest news for iPod touch users, it did raise the question, why would Apple take it out? The iPod touch’s 5th version was given a new 5MP camera, an LED flash, a new design with colored back plates and the new 4-inch Retina display, but this tiny detail was left out. A customer interested in this sent an email to Phil Schiller, hoping for reply with an explanation, and he got one. See the email, and reason he received, below:

So, as you can see, the iPod touch 5th generation is “just too thin” to include an ambient light sensor. Coming in at only 6.1mm, it surely is a thin device. Apple probably could’ve found a way to fit one in, but it must have just not thought it necessary. I personally don’t use auto-brightness, so I wouldn’t have the biggest problem with this. I guess I could see some people being curious though.

What do you think? Were you confused to see no auto-brightness setting? Does this even bother you? Let us know in the comments.


Via: iDownloadBlog, Twitter

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  • Applestander

    I personally think auto-brightness is annoying and most of the time the light setting does not suit my liking.

  • joelaxel1997

    @Applestander true

  • dyvking

    I see no problem. It’s just an iPod. If you really need that autobrightness, then go buy a new iPhone 5, and re-purpose your old iPhone 4 or 4s as your music player (which will be faster and have a face-time camera to boot) !!