iPhone made up over 75% of AT&T’s Q3 2012 smartphone sales

America’s second favorite carrier, AT&T, just announced its third quarter earnings and figures. Not surprisingly, what was once an exclusive relationship between Apple and “Big Blue” is still doing AT&T proud. The carrier announced its Q3 2012 earnings this morning, and it makes good reading for Cupertino. They sold 6.1 million smartphones in total. 4.7 million of those were iPhones (77%). Considering the iPhone 5 only launched late on in the quarter, that’s not bad going at all. It’ll be interesting to see what the final quarter of 2012 will look like. One possibly negative sign is that most iPhones went to pre-existing customers, as the AT&T only managed to sign up 151,000 new customers. So, if they aren’t already on AT&T, customers are choosing to go elsewhere for their Apple fix.

Via: 9to5Mac 

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