iOS “Slide to Unlock” patent covers opening apps too?

After yesterday’s reports that Steve Jobs vowed to “patent everything” following a $100 million loss in court, it comes as no surprise that more information pertaining to the “slide to unlock” patent has been unearthed. According to AppleInsider’s findings, the patent regarding horizontal movement used to unlock the screen of an iOS device also includes unlocking to apps.

For instance, if a message/email/Facebook notification appears on your lock screen and you slide the icon across to open that app, that’s an Apple patent. It seems ridiculous that something as standard as this can be patented, but, I guess Mr. Jobs was serious when he said he wanted absolutely everything patented. Who knows whether this will come in useful in a future court room session, it could be a case of Cupertino just protecting its interest. I sincerely hope there’s a reformation of the patent system soon though.

What are your thoughts on this? Is Apple right to patent everything, or is it a case of the system being broken?

Via: AppleInsider

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  • juanfishnet

    I think apple try to monopolize the tech industry. Which is not right, we should expect in the future that every gadget in the store is overprice and made by apple. lol

  • bondosho

    Looks like it only covers going from left to right.  Regardless, remember when you had to have a working model of something in order to get a patent?  Now you just have to have an idea, and a drawing.  I agree, reformation is needed BADLY!

  • Malone

    How the heck do you say this is an industry standard? Apple created the tech, others may or may not have copied it. That does not make it a “standard” that is free for all to use. At best, others may license it. I dont expect much from a site like this but you really need to brush up on basic IP instead if making ignorant statements.

  • Bryan Winters

    @Malone Apple DID NOT invent slide to unlock. It was on a touch screen phone a year before the first IPhone came out. Look it up!

  • Malone

    @Bryan Winters   I dont think you understand what is going on. Not surprising but let me help you. The patent is not about  “slide to unlock” as it is about HOW this feature is implemented. And IF you infringe on my PATENTED way of doing this, you are wrong. Stealing my IP is theft no matter how many of my competitors decide to do it. Mass theft does NOT make it an industry standard. So next time you read a dumb blog by a writer that throws out moronic phrases like “It seems ridiculous that something as standard as this can be patented”…ask yourself, does that make sense?

  • Bmykytyn

    You have to give Apple credit though.If they see that it’s useful, easy, and it helps their products sell. By golly they are going to keep it safe by any means necessary. That includes patenting the ba-jesus out of it.

  • Bryan Winters

    @Malone, That’s fine and dandy but Apple shouldn’t have obtained such a frivolous patent in the first place. Apple has a pattern of patenting “Prior Art” and then unleashing it as a weapon against their competition. It’s the smug, ” we own everything” attitude that people are beginning to see. Sorry but Apple is the King that turned into a bottom feeder…