Grand Theft Auto: Vice City making its way to the App Store soon

If you spent any of early/late teenage years glued to a TV screen playing PS2, you’ll know of Grand Theft Auto. It’s an incredibly addictive game. My first taste was with the 2D Grand Theft Auto II, then I moved on to III and was hooked. I have to be honest, I spent far too much of my time with the blood and gore cheat on and sniping old people from an elevated train track. Earlier in the year, GTA 3 made its way to the iPhone/iPad. You’ll be glad to know, the franchise’s 4th title, Vice City is coming just in time for the holidays. As reported by iDownloadblog, RockStar Games is celebrating the title’s 10th anniversary this year, and to celebrate, it’s planning to invade the iTunes App Store on October 29th, 2012. Exactly ten years since the original was launched.


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