Following iPad 4th generation and iPad mini announcement, resales jump 1000%

Many people following the iPad 4th generation and iPad mini announcement yesterday immediately took to attempting to sell their now older 3rd generation iPads. Both Gazelle and NextWorth saw noticeable jumps in resale attempts as of late, with numbers reaching as high as a 1000% increase. According to the folks over at Market Watch, over 140,000 devices were put up for sale yesterday on Gazelle, with half of that going up in the hours leading to the event. Many expected Apple would announce the iPad mini, but some also may be due to the announcement of a 4th generation iPad as well. Another tidbit of note, 70% of the devices were 3rd generation iPads.

What do you think? Did you put your iPad up for sale? Looking to get the 4th gen or iPad mini? Let us know in the comments.


Via: TechnoBuffalo, MarketWatch

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  • TECHjitsu

    I am weighing the purchase of a used iPad [3rd gen] while keeping my 2nd gen. Just gotta find the right price!

  • hchristy2013

    @TECHjitsuĀ I personally purchased a refurbished 16gb iPad 3 from Apple for $379, which was cheaper than buying a brand new iPad 2. Although it is refurbished, I feel as though I can trust Apple’s refurb products.