Does your iPhone 5’s keyboard flicker? If so, you aren’t alone

Have you noticed a slight “glitch” when typing on your iPhone 5? If you have no idea what I’m talking about, you may unknowingly have just glanced over it, or just not seen it. I was able to recreate it by going to the App Store and downloading an app, and when it asks for iTunes account information, my “Return” button was noticeably altered, however I was unable to pick it up in a screenshot. Test it out for yourself and comment if you are able to get this as well.

Some sites are saying that this only occurs when in the “.?123” keyboard settings, however I have seen others reporting that this occurs on the “QWERTY” section of the keyboard. I was only able to recreate this however while in the App Store, so it seems to be isolated to that and the iTunes Store (as far as reports are going at least). AppleInsider found a thread on Apple’s Discussion Forums which talks about the issue, and many have chimed in claiming that they too “suffer” from this. Others however say nothing at all is wrong. From the looks of it, I would call this a software issue. We will have to wait and see (and hope) that Apple fixes it in a future update. Look above for a video of what one user experienced.

What do you think? Are you having this issue? Did you have it and not notice until looking for it? Let us know in the comments.


Via: AppAdvice, AppleInsider, Apple Support

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  • Calistamay

    I noticed that the day I got the phone. It only happens when I enter my password in the App Store. I also get a glitch when I open a folder.

  • Anthonyl69

    I haven’t noticed that but I have notice that my reminders do not work not when I ask Siri or even when I go into the app

  • ChristinaLia

    My iPhone 5 has had this glitch, also my battery is horrid. I tried to shut off location services and I always end my apps. =0[

  • KieEvans

    I see it too often on my 5 but I haven’t figured out when it occurs. I’m also having that WIFI issue.

  • ALeeBow

    This happened to me too on my iPhone 5 on the App Store password keyboard. I also have experienced the rattling sound when I shake my phone; it’s the white 64gb AT&T model. Another issue I had was that the FaceTime app disappeared but I am still able to FaceTime people through the phone app. I recently received the phone two days ago and I was debating if these issues were worth exchanging my phone for another iPhone.

  • Applestoreguy

    I was at the mall yesterday and decided to stop by and ask about it. They told me it was software related but if I’d like they would run a diagnostic test. After running the test they said my phone had many glitches including a battery one. The guy said to restore my phone as a new phone and not use any backups, just start as a fresh phone and download all my apps one by one and it should fix the problem.

  • ice01

    I had mine whenever i try to type my password on the App Store. But when i try to screen capture it, it suddenly disappears.