(Update: Time’s Up) Contest: Win A myCharge Battery Backup Unit And Never Worry About Low Battery Again

Update: Time’s up folks, we’ll have a post with the winners soon!

Do you worry about low battery life? Have you ever found yourself with a dead phone right when you need it most? I know I have and thanks to my recent of review of the myCharge Peak 6000, the folks at myCharge want to make sure you don’t worry about battery life again. With our data consumption on smartphones increasing faster than battery life, there have been far too many days in my life that I’ve found myself reaching for a charger long before the day is over. We hope that technology catches up to data hungry needs in the future, but for now companies like myCharge are doing their part to keep you constantly charged.

So here’s the deal, this contest is short, sweet and easy: Tell us the worst thing that’s ever happened to you because of a dead cell phone battery.

I’ve racked my brain trying to think of my worst case scenario and honestly, I’ve got nothing. I’m sure there are plenty of times I’ve had some notable moment with a dead smartphone, but I can’t think of anything. I’m sure it’ll come to me later, after I’ve already posted this.

On a separate note, thanks to my total rockstar status I’ll be running the very same contest on TmoNews.com and DroidDog.com giving you six total chances to win.

Be sure to check out the folks at myCharge who’ve been kind enough to support this contest.

The Prize: 

  • One first place winner will receive a myCharge Summit 3000 rechargeable battery pack.
  • One runner-up will receive a myCharge Voyage 1000 or myCharge Sojourn 1000 depending on smartphone preference.

How To Enter: 

  • Leave a comment that states the worst thing that has ever happened to you because of a dead cell phone battery. All replies must be original and will be checked against various internet sites to make sure originality.
  • All comments must be left by 5pm EST on Friday, October 12th.

Winner Selection: 

  • The contest will run for a full 24 hour period with winners being selected by the sole discretion of TmoNews staff.
  • The winning contestant will be notified via email, so please leave your email addresses in the comment of via your Disqus login.


  • Open to legal residents of the United States, age 18 and older. Do not take part in the contest if you are not physically in the United States at time of entry. Sweepstakes is void where prohibited by law.

Prize Value: 

  • myCharge Summit 3000: $79.99
  • myCharge Voyage 1000/Sojourn 1000: $39.99

Rules & Regulations:

  • Only one entry per person
  • TmoNews reserves the right to disqualify any entrants for any reason, including but not limited to: submitting multiple entries, creating multiple accounts to enter, adjusting initial comment, any act to circumvent the standard rules or process for the purpose of winning.
  • If the winner does not acknowledge the winning announcement email within 48 hours, another winner will be selected as a replacement.
  • Actual shipment will arrive via FedEx or UPS with by a date to be determined.
  • In the event of sabotage, acts of God, terrorism or threats thereof, computer virus or other events or causes beyond the Sponsor’s control, which corrupt the integrity, administration, security or proper operation of the Promotion, TmoNews reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify entrants and/or modify, cancel or suspend the Promotion.
  • The Promotion Entities expressly disclaim any responsibility and entrants agree to indemnify and hold harmless TmoNews from and against any and all claims, actions, demands and/or liability for injury, damage or loss whatsoever relating to or arising in connection with participation in this Promotion (regardless of the cause of such injury, damage or loss) and/or the delivery and/or subsequent use or misuse of any of the prizes awarded.

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  • EricHuang

    Once my phone battery died while I was coming home from a school trip. I was away for a week and my parents didn’t know what time I was coming back. It took me about an hour to realize that they forgot, and by that time all my friends were gone. I had to wait until 8 o clock at night to be picked up by my parents, because i spent about 30 minutes walking to the nearest payphone to call them.

  • JoseSoto

    Do not have much to say other than my iphone 5 died at 5:10 pm pacific time while i was on facetime with my brother in texas showing him how my babyboy was being born. Needless to say my brother missed the birth since my baby was born at 5:19 pm. All this happen on 10/1/2012. I had charger in my car but no lighning connector which reslly piss me off. rocha714@msn.com

  • KarimBhaidani

    Once My phone died during this contest it was on the radio. So They were giving away an iphone 3g at the time and i texted them and i won. The radio said that i had to call them to confirm and when i did my battery died fml. I hated my phone from that day on and somebody else won that prize. Its never gonna happen again if i win this prize :D

  • KraKsX

    Im assuming you mean Friday the 12th (not Thursday):
    My worst: I got a flat tire on a rainy night, Sucks right? I dont have AAA so I dont bother with my phone, i go to the back of my car, and try to dig for the spare, after i pull it out, i notice THERE IS NO JACK! So soaking wet, and unable to fix my issue, I get back in my car, Pull out my phone to try to find a tow service and call them, only to see that my iPhone wont turn on, DEAD BATTERY. SUCKS!!!!!!!  I ended up having to walk about 2miles to the first gas station i find and get them to come out and get me back on the road.
    This is the worst thing that a dead phone battery has done.

  • Bullbus

    Was calling to get directions to my wife’s performance and my battery died. Lets just say to this day she thought I was just trying to get out of it. NOT GOOD!!

  • Ricardono17

    This actually happened yesterday on 10-10-12. As I was about to leave school my car completely turned off and I had 1%. I just had enough juice to call my dad to come help. But once I was about to talk my phone died and I was literally stranded and had to walk home. Around 9 miles and it was 10:30 at night . And I still had to complete 2 test and 1 homework assignment that was due at 11.59 am .
    Email: ricardono17@gmail.com

  • danieljtierney

    One rainy night when I was in high school I was visiting my girlfriends house, she lived about 45 minutes from my house out in the country. I had left her house so I could make it home and as I drove off I realized I was really low on gas, but I attempted to make it. I was about 15 minutes away when I ran out of gas and just then I realized my battery had 1% life left. I tried to make a call but it died. Leaving me stranded, in the middle of nowhere in the rain. I say for a while until I realized no one was coming that way at 1:30 in the morning. I got out and walked to a nearby gas station who didn’t have a pay phone. So what did I have to do? Walk home about 30 miles to my house. This device would have SAVED my life!!

  • shorttstuff96

    Was on a hiking trip. We had planned to be gone for 2 nights. Our goal was to start at the bottom of the trail, hike up following a river to a glacier, continue to a lake, and then to the final destination where we could be picked up. The total trip was a couple miles long. We had made it to the glacier, which happened to be our stop for the night. We set up camp, but came to realize that the one cell phone we had brought with us actually died. The phone we brought was going to be used to call one of our friends to pick us up when we got to our final destination. Because the pick up spot was only a dirt road with no people or pay phones, we relied on our cell phone to get home. After finding out it was dead we had to hike back down the trail, past where we were dropped off the day before, walk another 3 miles on the side of a national forest service road and to a very deserted small town where we eventual called our ride to pick us up early.

  • Anthonyl69

    One time I walked to Ronkonkoma with my friends which is about at hour long walk from where I live… My phone died and my parents did not kno where I was and they thought I was dead. I ended up getting home at 3 am and I slept in my shed in my backyard. My parents ended up grounding me for 2 months

  • JackBrown1

    I once left my wallet on the train and when I got off and realised I needed it for what I was doing, my battery then died and so I couldn’t call anyone, train company, family, nothing. So I did my 3 hour hike back to the centre of Auckland city where they refused to give me back my wallet without ID (which was in the wallet). So I was now stuck in the central city (I bused to the city from where I live and was taking a train to Uni). So after half an hour I decided to go to a nearby Internet cafe and used the only dollar I had left to go onto Facebook and wait for someone I knew to come online. When someone eventually did, they called my Mum who came in and gave me a lift home. It was a long day and I got nothing done!
    Jack, Auckland, New Zealand

  • johnnyboy23

    Left for a party last weekend with my friends knowing my battery was running low (around 20% low) thinking that I would not need to use my phone at all if it did in face die on me. Well, A girl I’ve been checking out and looking to hookup with decided to text me asking me to come over to her dorm room. I replied back asking what her room number was and right after sending that text my phone died on me…could not find another way to text her as none of my friends had her number and so had to wait it out until we got back to school to charge my phone. Next morning woke up to a text with her room number followed by one that said “guess you don’t feel the same way about me as I do you”. Dead battery cost me what would have been a solid catch as she didn’t believe my dead phone explanation. 

  • Ruphuselderbeer

    I was out to pick up a few things and I was driving my truck that day. My truck has a starter and battery that is going. Sometimes I need a jump, sometimes I need to tap the starter to make it work. Since it is not my main vehicle I don’t normally have a phone charger in it, I have it in my car. When I was out, I stopped to pick something up from an antique store. The problem was that the store was closed. I went back to my truck and it would not start, not even a click. Normally this means that I have to tap the starter while trying to start it, a two man job in other words. Since it was only me I figured I would call someone. My phone at the time a HTC Amaze 4g with ICS had burned through its battery to my dismay. Looking around I tried to find someone to help. No one was around. so I started walking and in the park nearby there was a hobo laying on the bench. I figured i would risk it and ask for his help. I went up to him poked him and asked for his help. He was happy to help so we went to my truck. I showed him where the starter was and had him tap it as I tried to fire the engine. To my excitement it fired right up. I helped the hobo up and got him some food from a drive through as thanks for his help.

  • JaredMadru

    this has happened to me a lot but the worst thing has been on a camping trip that i use my phone for taking pictures and watching movies when it dies on when i was trying to take some pictures of a beautiful
    water fall.

  • DarrenButz

    My phone died hours away from home and I needed it for directions to get home. And my lighter in my car doesn’t work right but I got it working lol

  • Shellyqt

    I was assigned to jury duty and was about to serve my first day on a criminal trial. Since the courthouse was not my normal place to hang in, I got lost.
    When I say lost, I mean really lost. I went to pick up my cell phone to call the courthouse and duh, my phone battery was dead. The greeting I got when I finally arrived at the courthouse made me feel like I was the criminal. I made up my mind after that that I would never let my cell phone be without a full charge when I leave the house.

  • HelenWagner

    Was attending a conference with a co-worker in March in Alabama. We were at a wooded state park, for fun , staying in a cabin on the lake, for a mountain view. At 3am that night, a tremendous storm came through, with howling wind and rain. The force of the wind was causing the rain to come in through the window seals. It went pitch black, and it was frightfully scary. My phone battery was out of juice. ( Her phone was broken and she had not replaced it yet. ) I would have loved to have had some light from it and to call my husband, and check the weather. It turns out that a tornado had passed over us, and had hit the ground 1/4 mile from us. We were able to borrow a phone from others in an adjoining cabin, but it was soooo dark and spooky until sunrise! I would have loved to have had a MyCharge!

  • Allan Estrella

    Was in the middle of a round of golf, when my battery gave out & tied. My golf GPS which keeps track of the scores also was not available. Needless o say all bets were off.

  • AndrewG1

    There was a time when I was in Boston and we were starving and had already made plans to go this to this one restaurant where they had the best wings ever in the area. I used my phone as a GPS since Boston area has a weird road structure that even the GPS had to reroute over and over again. It was a fair distance to the location and half way through the battery died, we had an address and idea of where it was yet we spent too long to find the place. So we ended up getting pizza, my body/appetite never forgave me for it since.

  • DanielLee3

    I left my phone at the lunch table at school when somebody called 911 as a joke. They hung up immediately, not knowing that 911 would call back. Right after that, my iphone ran out of battery and died, so they couldn’t call back. I disregarded it, thinking they would know it was a prank call or an accidental call. A month later, I got fined $300 on my phone bill, so went to the police station to ask. Apparently, they had send in an ambulance in case there really was an emergency, and I had to pay for their trip out. Even worse, nobody is admitting to calling 911, so I had to pay for it. :(  If I had a fricking mycharge I could have saved $300.

  • rdschweichler

    I was driving to Phoenix from a vacation spent in San Diego over the fourth of July.  As we were headed back on a back country highway, we passed by a car that was pulled off to the side of the road.  The car was smoking, and it seemed as if something was wrong.  We pulled off to the side to check on the drivers and it turns out that the engine had caught on fire, and they weren’t able to access any of their cell phones or personal goods.  Everything was stuck in the car! Everyone in my car pulled out our phones to call 911, and I was the only to have service.  As I dialed 911 on my iPhone, the battery died.  I had not been able to charge it the entire drive since my car charger had overheated itself and was not working.  I could only then provide water and comfort to the poor kids whose car was on fire.  We sat an watched his car engine burst in to flames as the county fire department drove up to extinguish the fire.  We were told later on that the fire department had seen the smoke in the sky, and knew that something was wrong.  If I had a myCharge, I would have been able to call the fire department in sooner, and they might have been able to walk away with some of their personal goods and even their sanity.  My iPhone is one of the most important things I have to offer.  It always needs to be charged and ready to go to help those who need it!

  • Danny Kim

    I am one of those people that use thier iPhone for majority of thier activities, anything from reading textbook, studying, researching, communicating, listening to music, etc. In short my iPhone have dramatically enhance my education and lifestyle. Now I work for a medical office 30 miles miles from home and my hrs are 12 hr per shift, on one December day I had to work from 12am to 12 pm. That same week was the week of finals and we had a major snowstorm that trap everyone in the nursing home for 24 hrs with no power. After 13 hrs into the shift my phone gave out and there was No way to charge it and I have no way to tell my family I’m safe nor study. I ended up leaving my job after about 28, so this is about 4 am in the morning and the road condition is hell and my car die on me. So I was trap in my car for hrs unable to call emergency towing or help. That was the worst day of my entire life so far and not having enough battery to last more then 24 hr didn’t really help, so help me avoid situation like this again.

  • RayzacSanson

    this actually just happened to me today
    after a long day of school work and listening to music the school bell finally rang just to find out that my iphone had died this usually wouldn’t have been a problem but today it was pouring rain hard and i couldn’t call my mom to pick me up so i had to walk about a mile home in the rain and now my shoes……if for some reason you don’t balive me just check the weather for my city it is tulare,california

  • vjcontreras2

    Worst Thing that ever happen to me was back in college, UTEP, my CBR954RR’s just didn’t wanna start. I tried popping the clutch and jumping it but no dice.it was around 8PM. at the time i had my not so trusty CliqXT. I figured i can call my dad who is a mechanic and he could check it out for me and get it going at least to my house, which is directly up and over the franklin mountains next to UTEP. Well my phone was so dead it wouldn’t even try to turn on. So i figured screw it i’ll trek it home. well while i reached the top i found out we have mountain lions that sometimes wander close to the suburb. I saw a pretty large lion like figure walking down in front of me towards the houses at the base and disappear into the yards. i didn’t really want to go back the other way since i was already halfway home so i kept on my descent. after i reached the base of the mountains my house was about 8 blocks away so i figured im safe, almost there and i did make!!!, i know anti-climactic

  • DavidLuong

    I had a job interview through the phone last week, my Galaxy Nexus can drain a fully charged battery in 3 hours of web surfing and light gaming. I played so games waiting for the call. Finally after 2 hours the call came and everything was going well until battery warning came. I was begging my phone to hold though, but it did not and my phone shut down mid-interview. Yea I didn’t get the job. I did have a separate battery but I still needed the phone to be on. This battery would have literally saved me.

  • NevaFollow

    In the summer of 2011 a friend and I took my 2 year old black shar pei exploring in the woods in northern Texas. As we walked through my dog bounced with excitement along side us and often would run off after something or another but always would come back to check in. A couple hours into it we realized my dog was becoming exhausted. So much so we took turns carrying her around our necks. As we began to head back we realized we were lost and both of our phones and exhausted their batteries making it impossible to call for help. My dog couldn’t make it any more so she and I waited by an old dirt road we came across while my friend carried on. After 6 hours in the woods a truck happened by thankfully and it had come across my friend first because he was in the truck covered in sand. He had passed out in the road just prior to the truck coming upon him. We raced back to civilization while leaving D’Ogie (my dog) in some shade by the road side. I got my friend to safety and raced back to save D’ogie. As I came upon her and before I even got out of my truck I knew I had failed my baby girl. I fell to my knees cradling her body and sobbing like a 12 year old boy. Tears still rise to my eyes while writing this post.

  • 1oldskater

    got stuck on the freeway broke down for hours because my phone died while trying to reach AAA.

  • Ianmcmac10316255

    Last summer me and my family decided to go to the beach on vacation we had a really fun time but then someone lost the car keys, (me) in the sand we didn’t panic at first because we thought ” ok well call triple A” and wouldn’t you know it the phone was COMPLETELY dead. So we were basically stranded and were forced to walk around and ask people if we could use their cell phone, one nice woman let me use hers to call AAA and get a tow truck out to us. The problem was that we forgot to call a taxi not realizing that the tow truck wouldn’t fit all of us and the one person who had a phone with her on the beach had already left. So we had to hold a vote who would go in the tow truck, that person would have ride 2 hours home the. Get in his or her car and drive 2 hours back to get all of us, since my aunt was the only one with a car big enough to fit all of us she won and by 1:00 am we were all home again and very mad at each other.

  • mom4everandever

    missed hearing someone was in an accident so person thought was ignoring them/family

  • Ryan Strittmatter

    The year: 2010.  The occasion? SXSW  The band?  I have no idea as I was on my…was it 10th or 11th Lonestar tallboy, I am not entirely sure.  But what I do know is this, my phone was dead and it was only 10 am.  How was I supposed to follow @SXSWfreenoms on twitter ?!?! How was I supposed to video, photograph the awesome band I was seeing??!? But most importantly — I couldnt check in on foursquare.  I was crushed, how was my entourage supposed to meet up with me?  How was I going to call a cab later that evening?  It was a travesty that I’m sure could have been averted…..
    Ryan Strittmatter

  • My wife and I were arguing on the phone and my phone died. She thought I hung up on her. She tried calling back it went straight to voicemail. She thought I was avoiding her and so when I when I went home, she never spoke to me for 2 days. Till this day, she still doesn’t believe that my phone died and that I was just trying to avoid her. #getoverit #forgetaboutit :) she’ll never see this comment

  • HWKL

    I was using my phone as GPS and it dead while i was driving. I don’t remember which exit i suppose to take so i just keep driving until I get the next gas station

  • andrewmin8

    I went down to Tacoma, Washington (which, in some areas, is a very sketchy city) by bus for a basketball game at a local high school. It turns out that I hadn’t charged my phone the previous night and it had 6% battery left. So I continued to the high school, only to find out that it was closed — the game was at the JUNIOR high school. I took out my phone again and I clicked the home and power buttons multiple times, thinking it just wasn’t responding. Then I held the power button to see if it was off. Yes, it was. The battery was out! So I was stuck in the middle of one of the most sketchy areas in Washington state, alone, with no phone. Every time I saw a person walk by me, I was scared to death. Plus, I didn’t know the area very well so I couldn’t just find a nearby gas station. Luckily, as I walked down some of the more busy streets, I found a gas station and was able to call home from there.
    Lesson learned: don’t always trust the percentage meter on the iPhone, remember to charge it, and never walk in Tacoma alone.

  • m2j2

    When I was in high school i got into my first wreck. I tried to call the police but noticed that the phone was dead. I then had to go ask the person who hit me to call the police (which took a little while to convince). I also could not call my parents to tell them what happened to me. When I got home, my father asked me what happened, when I told him he did not believe me and had to call the police station to make sure i wasn’t lying to him. He then grounded me for not being responsible enough to have my phone charged when it needed to be.

  • jeevonkay

    I was having bad stomach cramp during my pregnancy and my husband did not pick up his phone and my phone battery died at the same time FML

  • jnicole

    The worst thing that ever happened to me when my phone died… A potential love lost… There was this guy who’s name I will say was Josh and we went on a few dates but I ended up taking my ex-boyfriend back, so I basically dissed Josh to get back together with him (big mistake). I didn’t do it to be a jerk, I just was still in love with my ex and he suckered me in. To add, I always regretted that decision because I ended up getting dumped by the ex- boyfriend anyway and Josh was a sweet, mature and cute guy who I genuinely did feel a connection with… Several months after I got dumped by the ex, Josh and I reconnected and became cool again, but we didn’t talk very often. So one day I had planned to go to Philadelphia to visit a friend and go bar hopping after I got off of work at 8. I knew that Josh partied in Philly every weekend so when I was at work i texted him like hey I’m going to Philly tonight, will you be out there by any chance? He told me yeah and that he would def like to meet up and go out together. I was excited because I thought maybe we could rekindle something and that he would one day trust me fully again… this was my chance! Well I got off of work with my already packed bag in my car and drove straight to my friends house to get all pretty. I thought it was going to be a great night. Everything was going well, I got to her house with no problem, even though it was my first time visiting her there, thanks to the gps on my good old blackberry curve. I knew the battery was low after the drive but it was okay because I had packed my charger in my bag (or so I thought). Like 30 mins into getting there I went to get my phone out of my purse to call Josh. It was dead. I’m like ok let me get my charger. Looking in my bag, don’t see it, looking in my purse, not there. I even checked my car thinking maybe it fell out of my bag. Nope. So this is when I start to panic. See this was years ago, when everyone’s charging ports were mostly all different sizes besides the iPhone. I had the mini USB port and I asked everyone in the house if they had a charger my size, but no one did. If I knew Josh’s number by heart I wouldn’t have cared so much because I could have just called him from my friend’s phone. If only I had his number. I literally tried everything. I even called my best friend because her boyfriend was an acquaintance of Josh, hoping he had his number or someone he knew did. No luck. And of course it was night time so all electronic stores were closed. Therefore, I never saw Josh that night. When I got home and charged my phone the next day, I had a couple of text messages from the night before from him like, hey are we still meeting up… I’m going to so and so bar, let me know where you’ll be cuz I want to see u… Hello. It was sad. I felt horrible and I knew no matter what I said he was going to think I was just dissing him again and making up the worst excuse ever. I mean how many times do ppl use the excuse, “my phone died.” It’s kind of comparable to, “the dog ate my homework.” No one ever believes it, unless the person saying it is a reliable honest person, but Josh was still iffy about me from what I did in the past to him so it was useless. I still texted him anyway and told him what happened and I kept saying sorry. He never called or texted me again, so that marked the true end of any hope I had for me and Josh. I did see him a few times after that in public places but it was awkward, especially this one time when he was with a female who I think was his new girl. This was the worst thing that happened to me when my phone died.

  • Audemars02

    My daughter was literally taking her first steps so I took out my phone to capture a video just to see if go to 0% battery and shut off! sadly, we didn’t get a video of that precious moment! :-(

  • gjeremiah

    Was on the phone in the middle of a telephone job interview, when the battery died. Needless to say that once the phone charged back up in a couple of hours and called back that the job was given to someone else. Having emergency or additional portable power source sure would of been helpful.

  • Danny Kim
  • andrewmin8

    By the way email: andrewmin8@gmail.com

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