Angry Birds Star Wars coming on November 8th – I can’t wait!

If – like me  – you’re a bit of a Star Wars nerd. i.e. You know Han shot first, you realize that Darth Vader is the coolest villain of all time and that anything apart from the original trilogy should be discounted as being “real Star Wars” (including the “digitally remastered” versions) then you’re going to love this. Rovio has officially announced the launch date for its Star Wars themed Angry Birds title. The game is set to go on Sale in one month, on November 8th.

The force is strong with this one. I can’t wait to see the details, but for now, I’m going to repeatedly watch the teaser trailer and let my imagination run riot. Lets hope we get some serious light saber action, and that we get to play as Darth Vader too.

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  • DannyDonckht

    “Star Wars Nerd” – but can’t even type “Vader” correctly, I’d suggest fixing that.

  • Gunnco68

    @TiP_Cam Agreed!

  • medlmobile

    @TiP_Cam I can’t wait for this either, what a killer combo! :)

  • theter

    I just can’t wait to play this. I have completed all levels of angry birds and waiting for the next.