Amazon removes anti-iPad comparison

A couple of days ago, Amazon published this nifty comparison advertisement on their website.

The move was obviously a blatant stab at Apple’s iPad mini, and as you can see, from this comparison at least, the iPad mini doesn’t stack up too well against the Kindle Fire HD. However, today, that comparison has mysteriously vanished…

Now, the most obvious reason for pulling the advert would be the Stereo speaker development. Amazon’s final point suggests that the iPad mini only had a mono speaker, compared to the Fire’s stereo speaker. However, on Twitter, Joshua Topolsky alerted us all to the fact that the iPad mini does in fact have stereo speakers, a notion that has been confirmed by Apple big-wig Steve Schiller.

Now just check the image above, did we really need Steve Schiller to tell us that this device has two speakers? Clearly, the guy who created this ad was off reading on his Kindle whilst nature was dolling out common sense. Another reason, may be the recent surge of seemingly glowing reports that the iPad mini has received, despite the lack of Retina display and extortionate price tag…

Regardless, the ad no longer exists, at least for now. Amazon may well be simply tweaking the ad so that it doesn’t portray them as incompetent, ignorant fools… Or maybe, in the spirit of Halloween, it actually has vanished…  What do you think?


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  • ChrisBaham

    Funny how they said that the Fire has SUPER FAST WIFI!!! OOOHH AHHHH!!! And no mention of WiFi on the iPad. Also, lets just compare screen SIZE here. Look at the iPad behind the fire. LOL

  • ChrisBaham

    Also… no movies or tv? I see how they get around that with the “HD” part but really, on a screens that size, you aren’t going to notice a difference I bet.

  • rtomyj

    @ChrisBaham I could play 720P videos on my iPod Touch fourth gen… Pretty sure the mini can handle that as well.

  • nothinginacan

    Why is this website so passionate and hateful whenever another company has a go at Apple. “Incompetent, ignorant fools”? Really?

  • ChrisBaham

    @rtomyj Probably. But I bet the Fire can do 1080p or whatever and they think you are going to notice the difference on something with a 7-8″ screen.

  • ChrisBaham

    @nothinginacan Well, you can’t run around comparing specs without actually RESEARCHING the specs. Yea, they are ignorant fools if they want to do that.

  • tadarida356

    The comparison was very biased anyway

  • Jellotime91

    Wow, talk about intentionally dishonest.
    “No HD Movies or TV”? Are you on crack, Amazon? The iPad mini supports 1080p video playback. It’s displayed on a 1024×768 screen, but to say that it has “No HD Movies or TV” is just a lie. 
    And Mono Speakers… Well, they just didn’t do their research, so I’ll let them get away with that one. At least it’s not a lie.
    The rest is fine. But you won’t see Apple doing a comparison of their products to anyone else on their website. And they do have advantages, people.

  • Jellotime91

    @ChrisBaham  @rtomyj 
    The iPad mini plays 1080p video. Amazon is using the fact that the screen is lower than 720p to say that it doesn’t play HD movies or TV, but they are being intentionally dishonest here.

  • VincentLindsay

    @Jellotime91    just because you can play back a file doesnt mean you output it at that resolution, you know this right?