Amazon posts hostile Kindle fire and iPad mini comparison on homepage

You will have read earlier that Amazon’s Kindle Fire sales actually tripled week-on-week after the iPad mini announcement. People looking forward to the event were perhaps hoping Apple would release something more competitively priced. If you check out the Kindle Fire page today, you’ll notice a Kindle Fire HD vs. iPad mini spec and price comparison. Needless to say, it doesn’t favor Apple’s device. And, looking at simple specs, it’s certainly hard to argue. Amazon loses money on the hardware (hence the crazy low price) whereas Apple’s is priced to make money immediately.

One question that comes to mind: with Apple’s App Store ecosystem being so strong, and making so much cash for the Cupertino based tech giant, surely they could drop at least $50 off the price of the iPad mini with the certainty of making it back through app and media downloads?

What do you think of Amazon’s move? Is it class-less, or just pointing out the obvious? Leave your thoughts in the comments or tweet me: @TiP_Cam

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  • nothinginacan

    Frankly, they put it as it is. Apple has a very effective marketing technique and wide audience, so as odd as it is to say, Amazon is the little guy. And sometimes, the little guy has to do something rash to get his voice heard.

  • JackBrown1

    Obviously this comparison is very harshly biased though.  The iPad mini as a device does have great features that weren’t mentioned, however, I’m surprised that it doesn’t have Apple’s famed Retina display.  Especially considering the price.

  • mindoversoul

    Apple bashed its competition during the keynote and blatantly slammed the Nexus 7 when comparing it to the iPad mini. Seems like Amazon is just following in Apple’s footsteps and telling customers their product is better. Its good marketing. Especially because Amazon is telling the truth in their comparison and Apple blatantly LIED during the iPad mini keynote. The Nexus 7 CLEARLY showed more web page on the screen and they stood there and said it didn’t. Amazon is just doing what Apple did, but Amazon is being ethical about it. I like the ad.

  • ChrisWashington1

    With the $130 price difference, the screen alone would be the tipping point. All of the rest of the stuff is just icing on the cake.

  • SquirePatsy

    Why is honesty viewed as hostility?

  • SkyPira

    @JackBrown1 how is this biased?  theres no opinions here, its all facts. and the fact is, the kindle fire hd beats the ipad mini in every way. besides app store, at least.

  • JackBrown1

    @SkyPira It is biased because it is visually designed to make you want the kindle.  Naturally as it’s an Amazon ad.  But the fact is the iPad has great Wifi, though it has lower resolution it is still *technically speaking* High Definition.  There are HD TVs sold with the same res. And it only mentions features that the Kindle wins on.  IT is not a fair unbiased comparison of both devices.
    That’s all I was pointing out.

  • SkyPira

    @JackBrown1 but thats the purpose. theres no trickery here, theyre showing you the facts, and obviously someone would get something thats better. and what makes the ipad mini’s screen hd? if it *technically was hd, apple would never lose out on another marketing tactic and not include it. 
    it looks like the kindle won because it DID won. its just apple’s ecosystem that the ipad mini has going for it. all youre getting in the ipad mini is a smaller ipad 2, which is good but obsolete.

  • SkyPira

    apple shamelessly lied to the general masses by making the mini seem better than the nexus 7 (kindle also, maybe), even when it wasnt. amazon has a right to show the truth, and also advertise its own product while its there.

  • JakeGregory

    Yeah, but the Kindle fire is damn ugly though :P

  • skyfirex

    Begun, the tablet wars have. Also there’s no “What Other Items Do Customers Buy After Viewing This Item?” on Kindle Fire pages. Hmm.

  • JasonDontSurf

    Hey, remember all those times Apple fairly mentioned that it’s competition had 4G before the 5 came out? Yeah, me neither…

  • Guest911

    @SkyPira  @JackBrown1 Sky – you are not very bright. Quit while people are not openly laughing at your comments.

  • SkyPira

    @JackBrown1 why do you say that? its your ridiculous claim thats laughable.

  • Ninjamooman

    Actually, the iPad mini has 2 speakers, a 1024×768 HD display and it can play HD movies and tv shows from iTunes or Netflix.

  • TheiPhone7isoutdated

    @SkyPira  @JackBrown1 Guest911, your comment was the only one that made me laugh. Sky makes very valid points 
    I have the note 10.1, my wife has the kindle fire hd, and we have had the iPad 3. We SOLD the iPad 3 because, even after jailbreaking it, we got sooo annoyed with it that we wanted something new. So we sold it and got the note 10.1 and it was the best tradeoff I have EVER made. Then we go my wife the kindle fire hd. I got it rooted and working with the google play store, and we just got the update for the freetime for kids. All in all, it is absolutely so much better than any iOS product or Apple product I have used. That includes the iPhone 4S, the macbook pro, the ipad 2, the ipad 3, and more. People may like the iPad mini, and thats absolutely fine. If people like it and are happy with it, then great for them. Personally, there was only one thing that I liked about the iPad 3 that would make me keep any ipad, and that is the increased number of kids games so that it would literally just be a kids tablet. Its use as an adult tablet was limited, but its use as an entertainment device for the kids was better, although some areas still lacked.

  • SkyPira

    @TheiPhone7isoutdated  @JackBrown1 THANK YOU. i agree one hundred percent. its quite silly, really, how those that try to troll are usually the ones most wrong. Guest911, im talking to you.

  • Fatneck79

    This is why I will be purchasing an iPad mini(the real truth hurts):

  • Fatneck79

    @JasonDontSurf Remember all those time Android fairly mentioned that their phones had awful battery life because 4G drained their devices so quick? Yeah, me neither…

  • YasirSohail

    Because next year when they “upgarde” it, it will have a retina display and it will be a resolutionary mini tab of its time. Lmao damn isheeps never fail to amuse me@JackBrown1

  • Timssims

    Funny thing, the decked out Nexus 7 with 32GB and Data costs 30 or more dollars less than the basic iPad mini.