Lose your iPhone/iPad? Don’t worry, iCloud.com still uses Google Maps

This isn’t the most significant thing, but I thought it was of note. Lost your precious new iPhone 5 recently? That’s okay, iCloud.com can find it for you. But…Apple’s new Maps aren’t the best, are they? Again, no need to worry. iCloud.com still uses Google Maps for its Maps data. That’s right, even if the Find my iPhone app on the iPhone and iPad use Apple Maps now, iCloud’s version still uses Google Maps. So for all of you worried over the supposed inaccuracy of Apple’s Maps, rest easy knowing iCloud.com still uses Google Maps.

This might not last long, as way back there was a rumor Apple would bring its Maps application to OS X, and possibly the desktop in general. When and if it does do that, it’s almost certain it will be changing this over to use its own Maps service. However, there is no word on Apple about that.

What do you think? Glad this is still Google Maps? Disappointed with Apple Maps? Let us know in the comments.


Via: Cult of Mac

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  • Ben

    I just tried to use Find my iPhone, and it said Google Maps wasn’t available. Maybe it’s just a temporary thing?

  • Amber12580

    Once I see the green dot on the map,where do I click to get the address where my phone is located if it is stolen to tell the police where to go?