Images of alleged “real” working iPad mini emerge claims that the images you’re seeing are indeed of the iPad mini. The site alleges that this isn’t a fake, and that it is a working model. Editor, Jesus Diaz over at Gizmodo agrees with the possibility to some extent. After all, with the iPhone 5 leaks jumping from under every rug and upturned stone prior to launch, there’s every reason to believe that this is the real deal.

On first glances, it certainly looks a lot more authentic than any of the previous leaks. But – and this is a big but – it’s clearly not running iOS 6. Check the maps icon, it’s the old Google maps. If it was a genuine test model, it should be making use of the most recent iOS 6 software – at least if it was built in the last few months. I was tempted to say that it was a dummy model, but there’s a third party app at the right hand side of the fourth row of icons. If it was an Apple official dummy it would only have the default iPad apps on there, and it would have more than 3 icons in the dock.

So, I’m 50/50 on this one. Do you think it’s genuine or not? There are arguments for and against. Which side are you on: fake or real McCoy?

Via: Gizmodo


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  • ErikIsaksson

    That’s obviously a mockup, the version of iOS is old and the screen has no brightness to it whatsoever and it’s not reflective enough. This is absolutely a fake.

  • nt444

    One thing to note about it running iOS5 is the date on the calendar…it appears to be the 24th day of the month and either say Tuesday, Wednesday or Friday. If the date is correct it could correspond to july 24th which is a tuesday. At this date it would not be supriseing if it was running iOS5…But i could be wrong since i’m not sure when these pics were allegedly taken.

  • Buddy123

    Also if it were running iOS6 would not the old YouTube icon be gone ????

  • PedroCst

     @nt444 iOS 6 beta for devs was long on the web by then.

  • PedroCst

    Please be fake… or please SJ come back as a ghost and make the leakers j**z their pants.
    Regarding the leak itself, the iPad name and the battery symbol are too distant from the screen borders. Apple wouldn’t do that with the current iOS.

  • daveyaeck

    You know what’s sad Cam?  Is that nothing is a surprise anymore.  We can’t be dazzled by a new product offering because everyone and their grandmother break the rules and get them before they come out.  I’m not pointing this at you Cam just at the society that thinks it’s ok for this.  You are just a reporter, reporting news.  Like I said, there are no surprises in life anymore.

  • nt444

     @PedroCst That doesn’t mean they would be using it since that would be a prototype iPad mini…they wanted to test something stable on it.

  • rweb82

    I don’t think that this particular device is indeed the iPad mini.  However, I also believe that the real iPad mini will basically look like this device- if that makes sense.  It will have a black bezel, aluminum backing, yada yada yada…

  • edwinjwkim

    looks ugly

  • FelixG

    No flash?!! Still buying one, lol! No really, many of the iPhone 5 images were spot on so there is no reason to believe that Apple won’t keep everything looking like they all came from the same daddy. Haha, and Apple said Samsung was in a design crisis. 

  • davem

     @FelixG If your talking about flash player if you haven’t heard they aren’t even doing flash for android any more.  If your looking for a browser that has flash for iOS there’s Photon and it works great too.