Great cases for your brand new iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 – by all accounts – is a fantastic looking phone, but it’s not cheap to replace. Whenever I get a new iPhone I’m always torn between wanting to have it bare so that I can admire its design, and wanting to have it protected to stop it from being damaged. With the new iPhone, you may be concerned more than before that your precious aluminum gets scratched. If you are looking for a case, here’s a roundup of some that I’ve been informed about over the past week. I’ve picked my favorites, but, as always personal preference rules and each manufacturer offers more than one alternative. (Each header is a link to that company’s website).

Belkin Flex Case – $14.99/£14.99

A thin, textured rubber case that not only protects your phone from day-to-day bumps and scrapes, but also stops it slipping from most surfaces by being extra grippy, and also hard to drop.

Acase SuperLeggera Pro – $16.95

The Acase SuperLeggera Pro is a polycarbonate case that offers extra support from a layer of tough silicone. It’s stylish and pretty cheap at five cents short of $17.

CM4 Q Card case – $39.99

A bit of a step up in price from the previous two cases, but, CM4 is dedicated to being a premium accessory manufacturer. This case not only promises to add to the stylish looks of your iPhone 5, it also comes with a handy pouch to use for carrying cards/cash.

Scosche rawHIDE – $29.99

The rawHIDE from Scoshe adds to the already growing collection of polycarbonate back shells for the latest and greatest iPhone. For the luxury look and feel, it has a genuine leather exterior, just to add a touch of class. Not a bad investment if you want protection and style.

Incipio DualPro – $29.99

The DualPro for iPhone 4/4S was one of my favorite cases of this year, so I expect the model for iPhone 5 to be just as impressive. There are two layers: a tough polycarbonate shell and a soft, flexible rubber interior. The combination is fantastic at soaking up impact. The outer shell also has a very grippy and tactile texture making it feel great in hand.

Ballistic Smooth – $29.99

Ballistic’s new range of cases features some fantastically protective gear. But, this one caught my eye more than the others. It just looks so darn cool. The interchangeable rubber corners give it an element of customization and style, as well as offering great impact resistance.

SENA Elega – $49.99 usually ($44.99 right now)

It’s not secret that I love SENA’s cases. In my mind, no one uses leather in the same way. It’s really classy, quality stuff that serves a really practical purpose. The Elega is slightly different to the usual pure leather cases manufactured by SENA. It has a shock absorbent padded construction, a ratcheting belt clip and a soft velvet lining. (Some people still wear phones on their belts right?)

ColcaSac Zagora Sleeve – $15

ColcaSac is a brand I’d never heard of until last week, and I’ve been delightfully surprised by the range of cases. The brand shows that you don’t have to think about things in the same way as all the other companies by releasing an eco-warrior friendly hemp canvas pouch with a thick, snug lining. It looks and feels so soft and warm, I’d love to have a human sized one to sleep in.

Cygnett ICON Art series – £19.95 (around $25)

Again, the same series for the 4S was one of my favorite. It’s a really thin hard shell with a very unique design. Artwork is done by a selection of modern artists. Great, funky (does anyone use that word anymore?) designs and a soft touch texture make for a really comfortable and great looking case.


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