Flipboard to launch iPhone 5 friendly app on September 21st

With the new iPhone 5 comes the opportunity to exploit the phone’s larger display. Thanks to having the same width as all the other iPhones, adapting games and apps shouldn’t prove too difficult, and will allow programmers to utilize some iPad app features. One company already gearing up for the 6th iPhone’s launch is Flipboard. CEO, Mike McCue spoke to Mashable and confirmed that his company will have a version of its app ready and optimized for the next handset on launch day, Sept 21.

Flipboard is undoubtedly one of the biggest success stories of the App Store. The free RSS/Twitter collator was the first of its kind to transform boring tweets and news stories in to a gorgeous magazine for the iPad. The app ported to iPhone relatively recently, and has continued to be a success after launching on rival platform, Android. I can’t wait to see the new update next Friday.

Via: Mashable

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