App Store finally shows Passbook app listing

When iOS 6 went live yesterday, one of the most searched for topics was “how to add Passbook apps”, it took a little while for the Passbook-enabled apps to show up, but they did eventually. If you open up Passbook now, and select “App Store” at the bottom it’ll whisk you away to the compatible apps listing.

If you’re in the UK, you’ll see this:

If you’re in the US, this:

As expected, for us Britons, uses are incredibly limited right now. But, the list should grow pretty quickly. If you spot anything new, be sure to tweet me: @TiP_Cam

US screenshot via: 9to5Mac

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  • JustinBoulay

    The App Store button disappears after you load up a coupon or ticket, any idea how to find the passbook section again to see if it’s grown?

  • Still saying “Cannot connect to iTunes Store” for me in the UK… :( 
    Rubbish app!

  • LawrenceKaroumy

    im in the US and im still getting the cannot connect to app store

  • I think there is an issue with the App Store at the moment as I’ve heard several other people not being able to access the App Store at all!

  • thelocalhobo

    I had trouble getting to the App Store too. But after doing some research on tinterweb, I found this solution and it worked:
    Open passbook and then tap App Store. Click ‘ok’ on the pop up. Return to home screen then go to settings>general>date&time. Turn ‘set automatically’ OFF. Go to set date and time. Set the year ahead by one (2013). You’ll be prompted with some backup and icloud popups, ignore them, tap cancel or ok. Go back to passbook>AppStore if still can’t connect tap ok. Go go back to settings>general>date&time and turn ‘set automatically’ back on. Now after all that go back to passbook and tap App Store. Fingers crossed it should have worked. Pain in the arse I know but it’s worth s shot. I have heard it doesn’t work for everyone but still try it.

    As for available apps, the choice is woeful. For the UK anyway only the Lufthansa app is shown, but I had an app update for WOWCHER, and in the ‘what’s new’ section, it stated it is passbook enabled.

    Hope this helps