Airline sites starting to support Passbook prior to iOS 6 release

We are hoping for a lot next week at the Apple event, and iOS 6 is definitely high on our lists. With iOS 6 comes the nifty NFC-not-required application named Passbook. What Passbook does is holds electronic coupons, tickets, cards, boarding passes, etc. I’m hoping many businesses will take advantage of it, as I would love to be able to just whip out my iPhone 5 and have them scan that instead of carrying around multiple cards, brochures, etc., around all day. Since iOS 6 is expected to be released fairly soon, the airline Virgin Australia has already begun supporting Passbook via its online mobile site (see above screenshot).

Australian Business Traveler had a reader send them in the above picture claiming that he was able to load the boarding pass into Passbook after it gave him this popup. Here’s a quote from ABT:

…reader Shaun Lorrain checked in for a Virgin Australia flight using the airline’s mobile website on his iPhone, which is running a developer preview edition of iOS 6 – and this is what he saw. Yes, iOS 6 detected the mobile checkin and offered to save the boarding pass into Shaun’s Passbook account…

One thing that is interesting to take note of is that iOS is not the one providing the popup asking if he wants his pass added to Passbook. The website for the airline actually detected the phone was running a compatible version of iOS 6, which of course means he is running one of the betas. I’m interested to see what other sites jump on this train before the iOS release.

What do you think? Ready to start using Passbook? Do you even plan on using it? Let us know in the comments.


Via: 9to5Mac, Australian Business Traveler

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