“iPhone 5” pictures emerge from assembly line, NFC chip in tow?

We’re getting very used to seeing various iPhone 5 components being flashed around the web, but this latest rumor appears to show images that have been snapped directly from the assembly line. The pictures were spotted in a Photobucket album, and of the 9 photos in the album, 6 could conceivably be credited to the iPhone 5. The pictures point to an increased screen size and the possibility of NFC communication.

The first picture shows the front face of the iPhone with the rumored larger screen, rearranged FaceTime camera, and home button. We’ve seen the Facetime Camera situated in this new position in many of internet leaks we’ve covered, this feature at least seems an inevitability. The home button also seems to sit a lot closer to the bottom of the device in this picture, probably to make room for the increased screen size, which we believe will be 4 inches, or very close to 4 inches.

The photo below also shows the faceplate of both the white and black variants of the iPhone 5. (As if you needed me to tell you that). Again, both models show the rearranged FaceTime camera and a larger screen.

The shot below is also very interesting because some have labelled the metal square at the bottom of the picture as an NFC chip. Near Field Communication has also been a rumored feature of the next iPhone, supported by various patents filed by Apple that would enable the iPhone to communicate with other devices in close proximity.

What do make of these images? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!



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  • brianwilliams11301985

    Still gonna be the same iPhone… apple need to step their game up and show us consumers something we haven’t seen…I’ve seen LTE phones, 4.8″ screens, NFC which I’m already using on my sgs3, and video chat anywhere. Why can’t they make the apple logo light up like he Mac book the or use memory expansion like micro SD, or be able so share mp3’s using Bluetooth, or have people use less steps to accomplish certain tasks in their OS like android?