iPhone 5 glass leaked [Video]

The iPhone 5 rumor mill continues to grind, this time however, things look a lot more promising.

Recently spotted by 9to5Mac, a Youtube video has surfaced from ETrade, giving a highly detailed comparison of the iPhone 4S and “iPhone 5” front panels. (Spoiler: It’s unscratchable).

9to5Mac have posted some interesting images giving us a comprehensive comparison in stills.

This first one shows that the width of the two panels is exactly the same, however the “iPhone 5″ comes in a good deal taller than the 4S, with a corner-to-corner size of 4.065”. Now, this does appear to conflict with the rumor we brought you earlier in the day, a reported server log of the “iPhone 5,2″, which we believe was the name given to the 3.999” variant of the next iPhone.

As you can see from the above picture, the bezel at the top and bottom of the screen has been trimmed 2.6mm shorter at the top and bottom around the home button and the FaceTime Camera/Proximity Sensor/ Speaker

Some more conformity now, as the panel in question weighs in at 0.1 mm thinner than its predecessor. It is widely believed the next iPhone will be slightly thinner, because the touch sensors will be embedded in the liquid crystal display, saving space in the next device.

From these shots you can also see that the arrangement of the upper bezel has been altered slightly, with the Camera hole now above the receiver hole, replacing the light sensor whole, which now sits next to the receiver.



After some tedious measuring, the video gets rather juicy, as our man in the know proceeds to scratch both panels excessively and then compare the two. It’s very hard to tell in the light of the video, but the general consensus appears to be that the iPhone 5 panel does not scratch, even after the horrendous beating it takes in the video.

What do you think? The find seems plausible, so are we looking at the front of the next iPhone? Leave your comments below!

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  • JoelAnderson1

    Please. I’m begging you. Stop calling it the iPhone 5. You’re wrong.

  • KevinGautreau
  • CristopherRodriguez

    @JoelAnderson1 imagine if it was called the iPhone 4SX

  • GoldNBoi

    Lord let the screen be wider and not just longer… I’m ready for an upgrade but if its just a longer screen i’ll stick with my 4s

  • Tonybabo

    I know that every rumor, every “leaked” photo or video are showing this design as the new IPhone but for that reason among others it makes me get the feeling that it’s not the design. It’s as if Apple wants this design leaked to put people’s attention elsewhere. I don’t remember this detailed pictures on any of the previous models including the 4 which had the pic of the new phone leaked. Apple has had many of its people talk about how important iPhone 5 is to Apple. It’s not hard to see that being true when you have beautiful phones like HTC and Samsungs newest. So let’s say this design is correct, I consider it less of a change then 4 was to 3GS even with a larger screen. This is the phone Jobs put all his effort in according to many the last year of his life. You mean all that effort for a longer screen and headjack on the bottom? Most of us could come up with both those design feature in less Then a day. I think If this is the design then it would of been done in the 4S. For argument sake lets say again it’s the new design. The question then becomes how is Apple going to make this phone live up to what Apple needs it to be? That’s the question I’d like to see sights start talking about. That is the real question. If this is the design then what on earth is the new phone going to offer that no phone has? Not Siri updated, not 4G capability those things are not enough. I’m thinking haptic touch feedback something on that level is what has to be coming down the pike. Especially if Apple is not concerned about leaks of what phone looks like. The real secret is still safe. Now my opinion is this design was to be used on the 4S but because of all problems they had a year ago they decided to stick with the 4 design now comes the big redesign.

  • awilde

     @Tonybabo I find one flaw in what you stated here. Your right none of the previous phones had “major leaks” left and right. But if you read a biography on Steve Jobs you may understand why. He would personally track people down and fire them on the spot for leaks. People were afraid and sadly now that he’s passed the “fear” is no longer there.

  • So looking forward to the next iPhone. Think it will be called the new iPhone, by and by. Increased screen size is great, think 30% bigger, I can already here Tim, Phil and Scott repeating this marketing ready tag line. All this extra screen real estate will need extra protection, possibly in the form of gorilla glass.

    In early 2012, Corning announced Gorilla Glass 2, a glass 20 percent thinner than the original material offering the same scratch resistance, the same strength and enhanced touch-sensitivity.

    Now all we need now is for Apple to announce an event and then we know when to the the week off and start queuing.


  • Tonybabo

    @awilde You make a good point about Jobs but even still if this is the phone that’s an awful lot of leaks. I’d like to see a different looking phone but my judgement on it is still what does it offer that takes the next step in phones. If nothing I’ll be dissapointed because my belief was the extra year of no new phone was cause something big was coming. We shall see.

  • hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

     @CristopherRodriguez  @JoelAnderson1 or the iPhone 4S2