Apple seeks punishment of Samsung’s lawyers

So this week marked the beginning of the high stakes trial between Samsung and Apple,  and just 5 days in, Apple has called foul over the conduct of Samsung’s lawyers.

On Tuesday, Samsung representatives were barred from presenting select pieces of evidence during the opening phase of the trial. Later that day the evidence in question mysteriously appeared in the hands of the press, along with a note:

“Fundamental fairness requires that the jury decide the case based on all the evidence”

The culprit, John Quinn, admitted to having authorized the press release, however he denied that it was a bid to sway the jury.

“The members of the jury had already been selected at the time of the statement and the transmission of these public exhibits, and had been specifically instructed not to read any form of media relating to this case,”

Apple has described the move as “egregious”, compromising the integrity of the court. Apple has demanded that as punishment the judge should rule in favor of Apple, effectively deciding the case there and then.

Samsung are understandably indignant at the notion, as there is no legal precedent for any such action.

Should Apple be awarded the case because of the underhand tactics of Samsung’s lawyers? Or was the court wrong to sanction the evidence in the first place?


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  • Teriyaki

    This just proves that Apple is trying to do anything just to win the case.  Does that mean that since Apple is trying any tactic possible to win, the judge should punish Apple’s lawyer and rule in Samsung’s favor?  Doesn’t make sense to me.

  • Iphone freak

    @Teriyaki Search on google samsung smartphone before iphone then you can see the picture that samsung realy stole the design of the iphone

  • Teriyaki

    its because your a iphone user that you say that samsung copied apple, any fans would say tat.  I dont use a iphone or samsung so its easier to judge fairly. There is honestly a huge difference between the phones.  Samsung has been making phones way longer than apple. But please if you do see similarities point it out to me

  • Iphone freak

    @Teriyaki Look at the pictures you can see it even my nefjou who is one years old nows that samsung copied iphone

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