Apple could owe up to $422 million to Samsung.


Samsung called up two more witnesses to the stand today to explain calculations that claim Apple owes Samsung quite a bit in royalties for infringing on Samsung patents. Vincent O’Brien, a damages expert, expressed to the court that for two of Samsung’s patents, Apple should pay$22.8 million. You may be thinking that $22.8 million isn’t much at all for Apple, and that this whole court case is no big deal, but just wait to hear what the next witness said.

David Teece really bumped up the amount Apple would pay in case of a negative ruling by the jury for two patents by $2999-$3999 U.S. dollars, bringing the total royalties payments up to a whooping $422 million dollars. Remember, Apple does not have to pay this fee to Samsung unless they are proven guilty, which is anyone’s guess at this point.

Via: 9t05mac

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