Apple back to 70% worldwide tablet market share

Out of all the tablets in the worldwide market last quarter the iPad claimed for itself nearly 70 percent of the total amount shipped, helping Apple further the distance between itself and its competitors in the world of slates.

A combination of 17 million second and third-generation iPad’s made up 69.6 percent of all tablet shipments in the previous three months. Divide that number by seven, and you get the number of Galaxy Tabs sold by Apple’s rival – and legal opponent – Samsung.

This 44 percent leap in iPad shipments was nearly enough to propel Apple back to an all time high of the 70% worldwide tablet market share it had during the first quarter of 2011, as reported by the research firm iSuppli. The head of iSuppli’s tablet research team, Rhoda Alexander, provided her opinion on Apple’s plan to dominate the tablet market it this following quote.

“With the expected entrance of the 7-inch version of the iPad in September, Apple is sending a clear message that it plans to dominate this market over the long term”

With Amazon’s Kindle Tablet reaching one million purchases last quarter in a distant third, and the Galaxy Tab from Samsung only selling 2.254 million units, and the possible emergence of a 7-inch iPad, it appears to me that Apple will have this market locked down for the rest of this year, and most likely, many years to come.



Via: AppleInsider

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