Russian hacker circumvents iOS in-app purchase method

This is some slightly unnerving news. A Russian hacker by the YouTube username ZonD80 has found a way to get free in-app purchases, even without jailbreaking. His hack, which uses a certificate which he provides and the changing of some DNS settings, allows users to install in-app purchases from large number of apps completely free. Some apps do not work, however, because they use a method of receipt checking that Apple has set up for developers. If you are a developer of an application that takes advantage of in-app purchases, you may want to implement the receipt checking APIs.

ZonD80 also runs a site, which houses all the certificates and also donations links for people who wish to keep his project going. Here is the information that the is sent through the service:

-restriction level of app

-id of app

-id of version

-guid of your idevice

-quantity of in-app purchase

-offer name of in-app purchase

-language you are using

-identifier of application

-version of application

-your locale

It is not recommended to be pirating Apple software, and Today’s iPhone and myself are not responsible for anything you do. This article was used as a warning to developers, and is not recommended to be taken advantage of.




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  • Ellpa

    apple read all of you they use iCloud and you sent all infos from you do you wanna alow this you he read your mails know your postions see your pictures vids and you say its ok