Patent granted for Apple’s new iPhone charging socket

Good news everyone! The release of the next iPhone will render all your iPhone accessories completely useless… wait, what?

Apple have had a patent granted by the U.S. Patent Office for what is believed to be the dock connector of the next iPhone. The patent describes a revamped design for the iPhone’s charging and data port that uses a 19-pin connector, replacing Apple’s current 30-pin connector. The form factor of the 19-pin connector resembles very closesly that of the micro-usb port.

Change: This picture is believed to show a prototype case for the new iPhone (right), with its new connector design which is set to make every existing accessory completely obsolete

Apple’s version has a wedge shaped connector to stop customers plugging it in the wrong way round. However, as I mentioned at the start, the last concern on customer’s minds will be which way up the connector is supposed to be shoved into the next iPhone. I’m sure the prospect of everyone’s accessories becoming obsolete will be a much bigger worry. Naturally, the problem could be solved relatively easily if Apple release adaptors with its next iPhone, but it’s safe to say that if the iPhone does rock up sporting a new adaptor, then there’s going to be some hassle for someone… somewhere…

Hopefully, a smaller connector could mean a thinner form factor, and it’ll be nice not to have a gaping hole in the bottom of your phone. Would you be excited for a new connector? Or are you worried about the changes you might have to make to facilitate the advance? Leave your comments below!


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  • Bill

    I just want it to be a magnetic connector like their laptops.

  • MlI

    Hey good thinking there. But that same magnet would attract coins left in the pocket. = P 

  • Scott

    Sounds like a good idea. It certainly is promising for the thickness of the device. Definitely converting from a die hard droid dog to a Apple Junkie

  • Residentsteve

    You keep coins in same pocket has your iPhone?

  • pthomas625

     @HeyJMAR You have magnetic coins?  O_O

  • @HeyJMAR I was going to reply. But now all I can say is that these other guys said exactly what I wanted to say.

  • Woopdeedoo

     @MlI Isn’t the magnet in the cord?

  • JustinBoulay

    @pthomas625 @HeyJMAR lol good catch.

  • JustinBoulay

    @Woopdeedoo @MlI Seems the most logical. Like MagSafe, the magnet should be in the cord, not the iPhone.

  • KVKdragon

    I really hope apple releases an adapter of some kind. I have too many apple cords and etc that use the current 30 pin port