Apple gets sued over Chinese version of Siri, Xiaoi Bot

Normally Apple is the one that does the suing, mainly for copyright infringement. It’s getting hard to keep track of every company that’s been sued by the lawsuit goliath. It would probably be easier to keep track of everyone that hasn’t been sued yet. With all the courtroom proceedings happening, it’s a little surprising to see the case this time. Karma might really get Apple this time.

According to Made in China Gadget, via Redmond Pie, Apple is the one getting sued this time, more ironically for infringing on patents. Zhizhen Network Technology claims that its patent has been violated by Siri by coping the companies’ Xiaoi Bot. The thing that is said to have really upset the company is the fact that Apple used the Xiaoi Bot’s description on the Siri web description. It has since been removed, but there has been no comment from Apple. Redmond Pie has more information on the story:

If you have a look at the Xiaoi Bot user interface, you might mistake it for copying Siri but, as it turns out, Zhizhen applied for the Xiaoi patent back in mid 2004 and gained full ownership of it in early 2006.

Check out the video above and let us know your thoughts. It clearly looks like Apple copied this company. It will be interesting to see what happens with this lawsuit.

Any thoughts? Happy to see the shoe on the other foot with Apple? Chime in down below to leave a comment

Via: Redmond Pie

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  • pdahlke940

    I bet I know what happens. The Bot thing was made with old design. then they filled for the patent but never changed the design once they got it. (Apple knows nothing about the Patent) Then once Siri comes out, they change the design to the “siri” design. Its simple China trying to steal money.

  • James Charley

    I didn’t mistake that for Siri, it only looks similar.

  • Ralph P Loszak

    because this is the first time Apple stole someone’s idea and passed it as their own.  I hope Apple goes down for this hard and gets some off their own medicine.

  • asdf123

     @pdahlke940 So it’s ok for Apple to sue companies who have a product “similar” to theirs but not the other way around?Apple have been copying and tweaking everybody elses tech for years!

  • SkyPira

    @pdahlke940 you’re dumb. While I’m not saying that the xaoi not has done so, apple has had a record of taking and manipulating things for themselves and for their own benefit. Also, what does china as a country have anything to do with this? When apple was suing Samsung, then it was just stupid America trying to steal Korean money, right? Dumb.

  • SkyPira

    @pdahlke940 *xiaoi bot