Apple buys AuthenTec, adds to patent warchest

It’s sad times in the tech world. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks so. This morning epitomized it for me, checking through me news feeds, 90% of the new stories were lawsuits or patent related. This is no different, but it is a big capture for Cupertino.

AuthenTec is a firm specializing in security within smartphones etc. The company had recently signed a deal to begin partnering and working closely with Google and Samsung on its Android super-phones. But, having splashed down a cool $356 million Apple has now purchased the security firm along with all its patents and licenses. Possibly the most interesting speciality is finger print sensors used for ID purposes and embedded in to consumer electronics. Imagine – if you will – that your iPad contents are highly confidential, adding this type of technology would give particular, high risk businesses a better reason to go with Apple’s portable devices.

Over the past year or so iDevices have been cannibalizing BlackBerry sales in the Enterprise market. iOS 6 came loaded with new security features. There’s no doubt that the iPhone makers are focussing hard on this area. By coughing up almost $350 million, the company has made its position very clear. It wants to be the only consideration for every business, no matter how confidential its work is.

Via: TechCrunch


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  • BillThomas

    i dont see whats so sad about it…Apples just getting a foot hold on better technologies before Samsung and Google does