WWDC 2012’s iOS 6 banners show new logo – I like it

There’s absolutely no doubt by now that we’ll see a preview of iOS 6 at WWDC 2012. The new set of features and services aren’t known in their entirety, but we have some thoughts and rumors to mull over until the keynote kicks off on Monday. One thing that is certain: there’s a new logo design, and I love it. The last one paid homage to the raindrop wallpaper found within the operating system’s options. Could this be the same? Who knows.

There are hints that we could see a design change within the platform too, with tired blue and grey being replaced by a cleaner, metallic interface. We’re also likely to see a deeper integration of Facebook, and an iTunes, App Store and iBookstore refresh. There’s heavy speculation stating that Google Maps is on its way out, in favor of a more intuitive 3D map service design by C3 technologies.

All-in-all, we’re unclear. But, I for one can’t  wait to see what Apple’s going to unveil in little under 46 hours.



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  • KyleFrost

    I am like a little kid on Christmas waiting for Monday. Can’t wait to see what that keynote has in store. iOS 6 and Mountain Lion. That’s what I can’t wait to hear about :)

  • Tonybabo

    I forget what 5 looked like!!!! Is there anyplace to watch it live? I can’t read the blog stuff. I have to watch the keynote. All these new iPhone leaks I think are not the real deal unless it gets released Monday. If not then nobody knows what the new phone looks like.

  • TheOneandOnlyAnonymouse

    The worlds most “Advanced OS”? Who are they kidding.

  • Dave

     @TheOneandOnlyAnonymouse Most advance iOS but now miles behind the others… It has taken a while but in my opinion Android is now the real deal and Apple are going to have to pull something amazing out of a hat to get any credibility. Simply changing a colour isn’t going to hack it. Since the iphone 4 came out they’ve just been pure lazy.
    Lazy phone design (as in none!) and lazy iOS development. Buying Siri and copying the Android drop down banner doesn’t count as “revolutionary” in my book.
    A completely new design phone and radical changes to iOS are what’s needed if they are ever to tempt me back.
    I got rid of my 4S a few months ago and was completely blown away with the HTC One X with Android 4.0 with Sense overlay. If they don’t change then they will only go one way. Down…. Though i’m sure there will be a lot of fan boys will be lambasting me for my comments.
    I had iphones the last few years but they have just taken their eye off the ball and now have a boring, stale product.
    I do hope they have radical changes as the only way forward is to have healthy competition.
    To push each other and not try to drag everyone back with law suits because they’ve been left behind.

  • Dave

     @KyleFrost They’re going to tweak a few things and call them “revolutionary…”
    The usual Apple nonsense…

  • Kelly

    I really hope iOS6 is an overhaul!! Give us a decline button from the lock screen!! Make our text sound silent when we’re on a call!! And if I accidentally decline a call one more time because im in the middle of typing I’m gonna scream!!!

  • turrodhlq9

    @BradSO_Design http://t.co/bINdAilf