iOS 6 beta 2 brings back “Enable 3G” switch

Two weeks after iOS 6 got it’s first beta release to developers, the second iteration is here. With it, many small changes have been made, most of which are under the hood. We’ve seen the new Twitter icon get added, a new Siri tweet “sheet” design, and other miscellaneous changes. However, one change that was missing from previous versions for some unknown reason, has been added back: the Enable 3G switch in settings. This was missing from the first beta (and if you remember, had a short absence in an earlier iOS 4 version), but has found it’s way back into Apple’s mobile OS.

As many of you know, this feature has one simple (yet sometimes important) job: enabling or disabling the 3G connection. It comes in handy when in a low service 3G area or when you are trying to conserve battery life. So this reappearance is definitely welcome for some. Keep searching for some more hidden things that have been changed or added, and let us know.

What do you think? Were you scared with this feature gone? Do you use this simple, yet important to some, feature? Let us know in the comments.


Via: iDownloadBlog

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  • Ritchie

    Again great post , how is beta 2 working for you ? Also how many installed apps do you have that ate working ?