Inside iOS 6: Clock on the iPad

For whatever unknown reasons, the iPad has never been shipped with its own Clock or Calculator app. Although we’re still wishing and waiting on the latter, the Clock app did finally make its way to Apple’s Post-PC “Poster Child” in iOS 6. And it looks fantastic.

As you’d expect with anything designed in Cupertino, it has a clean and professional design. It’s split in to four sections: World Clock, Alarms, Stopwatch and Timer. None of it looks even remotely like the iPhone app, as it’s had a redesign to work specifically on the larger display. The World Clock interface lets you simply edit and add up to 6 different time zones, and shows each one’s location on a map along with the current weather in that city.

Alarm has a similar user interface, and takes the iPhone app and completely expands and alters the way you see your alarm planner. It shows up as a week-view calendar. You can see all your alarms for each day of the week, really useful and simple to plan. Simply add an alarm by pressing the “+” icon. You’ll then be in a small pop up menu that allows you to set the time, days that you want it to repeat on and change the alert tone. Side note: I love the retro style clock interface. Also, for the first time, you can now add music as an alarm tone.

On to Stopwatch. Another very sleek and attractive design, and incredibly simple. There are only two “buttons”: “Start/Split” and “Stop/Reset”. It’s as easy as using a physical stopwatch, perhaps not one handed though. Lap splits show up in the rows below the main clock display.

Last, but not least, is quite possibly my most used feature in the iPhone’s clock app: Timer. It’s very similar to the Stopwatch in design. It has the same two buttons, but has a large countdown clock front and center, instead of sitting at the top like the stopwatch. It does look incredibly classy. You can also edit the sound by taping the appropriate icon in the top left.

We’ll keep on showing you the new features in iOS 6 as we get to them. What are your favorite changes so far?

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  • randomprice

    6? It lets you add up to 24 different clocks! You also forgot to mention you can see the clocks in full screen mode ;)

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  • Tarafarkas

    Is there a way to switch clock style? I so prefer numbers