Google Chrome iPhone app review [VID]

This week Daniel reviews the much anticipated Google Chrome iPhone application. This mobile browser offers a great alternative to Apple’s mobile Safari.

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  • I haven’t used S-Voice, so I cannot know. I downloaded the new iOS and Siri sounds a bit subdued in it – almost like she has a cold. May be it is because they want Siri to sound differently on a beta version

  • dheerajkumarverma

    everybody is saying Google chrome coming to iOS.
    What a fish.
    Do you know one app is called “Google Search” its already have the explorer features and more that 90% its works and looks like chrome browser.
    so there is no updation i still on the Google search browser for any website which not shown good in native Safari.
    Folks i just want to say never jump on new apps or device without knowing full about your old device like iPhone 4S which is much better even in some case new Samsung S3 also.
    Check out blog for that hidden feature which not shown by apple.