Apple Store Down – Products being updated for WWDC launch

If you’re trying to purchase a new Apple product right now, you’ll be incredibly frustrated by the image above. (On the plus side, it’s a nice change from the usual yellow sticky note.) Cupertino – as usual before a product refresh – has taken down the online store while it updates the product list. If we’re to believe all the rumors, we’re expecting a whole new range of Macs featuring Retina display graphics, as well as a bump up in processor power. All-in-all, this confirms that at least something in terms of hardware will be announced today. It most likely won’t be an iPhone, but, who knows? Apple could yet surprise us.

Via: Apple

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  • pdahlke940

    I will jump for joy if they announce the iPhone. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!

  • amdestined

    @pdahlke940 idiot

  • Iphonefan1

     @pdahlke940 New Iphone please God! Totally agree!