New iPhone expected to use 70% of high resolution LTPS screens


With the production of Apple’s next iPhone expected to begin around the end of Q2 or beginning of Q3 this year, the supply of low-temperature poly-solicon touchscreens could run low for non-Apple vendors, as Apple’s new device is expected to use as much as 70% of the high-res LTPS screens produced.

The display is expected to feature the new in-cell touch panels, allowing for the device to be slightly thinner than current hardware allows. What this does is combine the touch sensor and glass parts located atop the screen, where as currently these are two seperate pieces. This combination will save space in the hardware that can be devoted to other things (like LTE components, perhaps?).

So that Apple can meet its previous 326 pixels-per-inch standard for “Retina Displays,” the company is reportedly looking to use the LTPS technology in the next iPhone. These displays are expected to be produced by LG Display, Japan Display, and Sharp. These same three suppliers were talked of earlier this month in rumors that claimed Apple was purchasing 4-inch displays to be used in the next iPhone.

All together, LG Display, Japan Display, and Sharp have an average quarterly production of around 95 million LTPS panels. Currently, they have the capacity to produce as many as 72 million at their current yield rate. This puts Apple in a position to give have their next iPhone take up as much as 70% of the total output of LTPS panels in this year and next, sources are saying. That’s a lot of iPhones.

What do you think? Is Apple going a little crazy recently with their hardware manufacturing? Are you excited to see these new displays? Let us know in the comments.


Via: AppleInsider

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  • NickThai

    Wow, Samsung has been using this since SGS 1

  • boundtobeafraid

    Doesn’t the iPod touch use this as well?

  • AlexZimmerman

    so how is this any different than OLED?

  • Tuliomesa82

    i can see more expensive LCD repair, hopefully their screens are shatter proof like use Gorilla screen 2 or something