New iPhone 5 “leaked” parts emerge

It’s great to have hope when reading iPhone 5 rumors, even if it turns out to be false. I’ve always found that best way to get hopes up of a redesign is when purported internal parts are leaked early in the year showing that everything will be laid out differently. SW-Box – a site that deals in internal smartphone components – is selling what it claims to be a headset jack and earpiece for the next iPhone, for $7.71.

To the casual observer, there’s nothing special about any of it. But, when you dig a little deeper, it does get ever so slightly more interesting. In the existing iPhone 4/4S, the headset jack is mounted on to a circuit board along with the volume and mute buttons. On this “leaked” part, the headphone jack input is attached to the same board as the earpiece and WiFi radio.

Although it doesn’t show us definitively what the next iPhone will look like, it at least does seem to point towards a new design. Recently we had heard that Apple hasn’t even decided yet on the form factor of the next generation iOS-powered smartphone, and that it could feature a 4″ display and LTE. That said, it’s all just speculation until Tim Cook gets up on stage to proudly unveil the next killer handset.

Via: Apple Insider

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