Google+ iPhone app gets major refresh

Google’s most recent attempt at social networking has been far more successful than anything else it’s tried before. That’s mostly down to the simple user interface, ease of communication, and its great native application. The iOS app has just been updated, and looks fantastic. It has a new, simpler and more fluid UI, with an incredibly useful home screen with immediate access to your photos, messenger, Circles, Stream and Profile.


The new focus on media, and beauty is something of a new direction for G+, and emphasizes the search giant’s dedication to making good looking products, and not just making functional web services. I don’t think I’m the only one to think this, but, in terms of reliability and design, this app smokes Facebook. The update ( is available now on the App Store.

What are your thoughts? Does an app’s design and beauty affect how often you use it?

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  • Prozac69

    Just don’t see the point, nor have the use, of G+. Its hardly taking the world by storm is it! Doesn’t matter how pretty they make it I still wont be using it.

  • boundtobeafraid

    I don’t use it either. It’s a social network and all of my friends are still on Facebook. I really don’t see the point!

  • MaeganBabcock

    I have a Google+ account, but have never used it except for adding people to my circle.  My friends are all on Facebook and/or Multiply, and I contact them there.

  • MaeganBabcock

    The new changes make me more likely to look at my Google+ account though.