Facebook introduces App Center

Finding applications for a specific device can seem like a daunting task. I mean, there’s over a half-million to choose from. Most apps also require you to create an account with a third party games account provider, like OpenFeint or Facebook. Thankfully, Zuckerburg’s company has just announced a new resource called App Center, to aid you in your quest.

It’s a cool concept. The store is used to find and download Facebook-enabled applications. You do not download apps from the store, but there is a link to the store of your device, be it the App Store or Google Play.

Facebook posted this on its development blog:

Today, we’re announcing the App Center, a new place for people to find social apps. The App Center gives developers an additional way to grow their apps and creates opportunities for more types of apps to be successful.

The new App Center will be accessible through existing Facebook applications and in a desktop flavor. The store will support reviews, top charts, and other features that are already present in the existing mobile application stores. All apps sponsored in the App Center will require a Facebook login to use; that’s the top reason Facebook is doing this.

There’s no word on a release date, but the service does looks “insanely great”.

Via: CoM, Facebook

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