Apple to acquire Italian digital audio editing software company “Redmatica”

Alright, let’s take a short break from iOS 6 and new iPhone rumors. TechCrunch ran across a post (Google Translate) on Italian blog Fanpage indicating that Apple has shown intent to purchase Redmatica, an Italian software company that specializes in audio editing applications, such as Keymap Pro and AutoSampler.

The first piece of evidence towards the acquisition appeared in the weekly bulletin of AGCM, Italy’s antitrust regulatory agency. The announcement (which is in Italian) begins on page 37 of the bulletin, found here, and the interesting part is quoted below in English:

Under the provisions of the contract “Asset Purchase Agreement Relating to the business as an ongoing concern of Redmatica S.r.l.” (hereinafter the Agreement) with the present operation, Apple intends to acquire, through a transfer of assets, the business Redmatica.

AGCM has determined that the acquisition would not hurt competition, or it is uncompetitive in nature, and therefore does not object to the acquisition of Redmatica by Apple.

What do you think? Is Apple planning to add an audio editor to iLife? Maybe audio editing of your voice memos on iOS? Or could this in some strange twist be Siri related? Let us know in the comments.


Via: TechCrunch

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