Apple releases iOS 5.1.1

The latest delta update to iOS 5 has been release and is available to download now for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 5.1.1 doesn’t bring any interesting or unique new features. Instead, it just has a handful of bug fixes.

  1. Improves the reliability of using HDR for photos taken using the Lock Screen shortcut.
  2. Gets rid of bugs that were causing problems for iPads switching between 2G and 3G networks.
  3. Fixes bug that affected AirPlay video playback.
  4. Reliability improved for Safari bookmarks syncing.
  5. Issue fixed whereby “unable to purchase” would show up on screen after a successful purchase.

To download the update over a wireless network go to settings>general>software update and follow the instructions.


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  • nick0296

    i know what i am not doing….. i’ll keep 5.0.1 till i find 5.1 for my iPhone 4 GSM
    those fixes are jailbreak patches, period

  • TiP_Cam

     @nick0296 Yeah. Hold out if you’re jailbroken. 

  • nick0296

     @TiP_Cam i have 5.1 ready for iPod2G’s untethered if it works, if not, oh well

  • ChristopherDaniel

     @nick0296 That’s exactly what it is… Now that there’s an untethered jailbreak on the release horizon, Apple is scrambling to get everyone updated, so they think they can outsmart the jailbreak community….  Apple, you haven’t learned that our Dev’s have outsmarted you and your “fixes” for the last few releases?

  • DanielAirozo

    I experience none of these “bugs” This is nothing but a jailbreak patch. Cam, you need to get on draw something. Ive been waiting for over a week!

  • JasonBaroni

    Cam, I am having problems with this update. My iPhone 4S battery is going faster than before. Such as -1% in 3 minutes without using only iMessage!

  • tcole1322

    I updated my girlfriends 4s and mine and now Facebook app and Instagram are not working hardly at all! They will not refresh at all! Also if I google images it will not let me select a picture I can only look at the small thumbnail images please help? Advice?

  • Aaron Misner

    Hey did u ever find out how to fix the google problem my iphone4 is doing the same thing

  • tcole1322

    @Aaron Misner Nope I called apple care and they tried to help me nothing worked I’m still having the same issues they said it must be something wrong with my phone and my girlfriends which is obviously bullshit not sure what to do

  • nick0296

     @ChristopherDaniel apple never wins, the jailbreakers always beat them in the long run
    Apple is just wasting their time in the long run by fighting jailbreaking
    this fight against jailbreaking is so they can monopolize apps too and keep competition from doing better, and they are control freaks