App Store gets update, Adds Editors’ Choice and App of the week

The App store is one of the foundational building blocks for Apple. Since the iconic “There’s an app for that” line, people have associated apps with the iPhone maker. Apps have been created to do almost anything you can think of, whether that be opening your garage door or starting your car. That being said, it’s always nice to see the App Store get an update, even if it is not “a huge makeover”.

Apple has added a couple new things to the App Store, the first being an ”Editor’s Choice” section. There is also an “App of the week” now. Here you can see the top rated apps by the editors and hopefully find a new app each week that you didn’t know you needed. Considering the App Store has well over half a million apps, this should make it easier to find unknown gems.

If these updates make the geek in you a little happier, you can check them out at the App Store. I’m excited for the “editors choice” section, so I more than welcome the addition.

Are you guys happy with these updates? Would you like to see different updates, if so, what?

Via: The Verge

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  • Steven

    I’m currently using android but may switch to an iPhone by the end of the year (still considering pros and cons)..I have been exploring apps on iTunes and got to tell you , I find Google Play to be much much easier to you to find apps Im looking for, find other similar apps, find popular apps etc. ┬áiTunes seems hard unless you know the exact name of the app and spell it correctly

  • Will

    What I hate about the app store is that when I’m browsing through the apps and I find one I like, after I begin to download it, when I go back the the list of apps, it will be all the way back at the top instead of where I left off.