30 days with the Enemy: HTC One X (Day 25)

So, I’m finally approaching the end of my 30 day One X challenge, and I’m neither here nor there about it. Despite having a Google Play store chock full of hundreds of thousands of apps, I still haven’t found any that would replace the same title app on my iPhone. I’ve never once thought “wow, this app is way better on Android.” In fact – and to my surprise – it’s more likely that I don’t find it in the Play Store at all. For a market place that boasts so many apps, I’d love to know where they all are. None of my most used TV catch up apps, or shopping apps are there.

What I’m going to miss

Similar to my thoughts in the last post: it’s all about the notifications and app buying experience. I love being able to dismiss any notifications from the drawer with a simple swipe. It’s an action that makes you feel the way it should when you dismiss something. It’s a “throwing away” type action. It feels right. I’ll be sad to see the end of Chrome beta too. The browser has become my day-to-day point of call for mobile internet. With Chrome-to-Phone running on my Mac, it’s perfect.

The display is incredible. Even after a month, I’m still wowed by the color reproduction and the sharpness, all on a display the size of a small football field. The larger size has its drawbacks, but, in terms of beauty and nerd-points, it scores highly. I also love the new HTC Sense. The UI is very modern, clean and can’t not impress.

What I won’t miss

However much I love that it’s in tune with my gmail accounts, I hate that for every single email I have to select that I want pictures shown. Every. Single. One. Even after I’ve “told” it to load pictures from that sender each time automatically, it forgets and blocks them out. Call it a security feature if you will, I call it a chore. My iCloud emails show the entire email, every time. HTC’s social streaming program is useless too. I’ve had delays at international airports that are shorter than the time it takes for mentions and direct messages to come through.

Another thing that’s really ground my gears down is the button placement. It’s something I disliked initially, but that dislike has grown in to a daily frustration. The volume and power/lock buttons are way too sensitive, and in the wrong place. In a pair of not-so-loose fitting jeans, the power buttons is held down causing my phone to restart.

Lack of accessories. The great thing about the iPhone, is that there’s only one of it. And the design has been virtually the same for almost two years. However much that may sound as a negative, it’s great when it comes to accessories. Manufacturers can produce countless variations of cases to adorn your phone with, and I have a shedload of them. From skins, through to pouches and hard shells, I got them all. I’d never find the same variety for an HTC device.


Ever since I got my iPad in March, my phone’s been playing second fiddle. The tablet is my first port of call for browsing the internet, emailing, playing games and consuming video. So, all my phone really needs to do is have a handful of useful photography apps, send texts, make calls etc. I don’t demand a lot from a phone. If I didn’t have my iPad, that would be a completely different story. For me personally, having a handset that hooks in to iCloud and the rest of Apple’s ecosystem is so much easier than trying to fit one in that doesn’t. As much as I like the phone, It would be too frustrating to try and use it permanently as my main handset.

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  • Badgers O Hara

    It’s been interesting reading your articles about the One X. I own one myself, but don’t deny that the iPhone is a fantastic phone as well. I have a couple of observations about your latest article. You mentioned that the apps you miss are the shopping and catch up TV apps. These are things that I do not miss at all for one simple reason – my phone has flash and therefore I can just go direct to the website as if I were using my desktop which makes the app completely redundant. 
    When it comes to cases, it has always been a mystery to me why iPhone users buy covers and cases. I thought the thing was supposed to be a design icon? Why cover it up (something to do with the fact it’s incredibly fragile I guess). Well, if cases make that much of a difference, you are certainly correct that there are less available for other phones!
    I don’t think you can really complain about the iCloud thing. You bought into apples infrastructure and are now dependent on it. If you hadn’t done that in the first place, you simply wouldn’t have that problem. You could argue that these days, I am locked into googles infrastructure, but then I can take mine with me to any other device including the iPhone without any hassle at all. It’s actually apples restrictive infrastructure that keeps me away from the iPhone!

  • terry

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