Phillippe Starck was working on a… Yacht?!

Somewhere, somehow lines got crossed earlier in the blogosphere. A report had been circling that Apple and famous designer Phillippe Starck were working together on a “revolutionary” product. Turns out, we all got way to excited and jumped to iBranded conclusions. An official statement has been released by Apple. Surprise, surprise, Cupertino and Starck are not collaborating.

AllThingsD reports:

“Reached for comment, an Apple spokeswoman said the company is not working on a new product with Starck. And while she declined to speculate about what the designer might have been referring to when he told France Info Radio that he and Apple “have a big project together that will be out in eight months,” there’s a good explanation for the remark.”

Turns out that Starck had actually been working with a yacht making company to design a boat for Steve Jobs. He’s been meeting with Jobs’ wife, Laurene, to talk about the super-yacht, which by all accounts could  be “quite revolutionary.”

Via: AllThingsD

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