Over half-a-million Mac users hit by Trojan: Windows users everywhere rejoice

Apple’s marketing department would have you believe that Mac OS X is invulnerable to viruses and malware. Not that you ever need to be worried about that though, because also according to them, no one has ever tried to attack Mac OS.

Apparently not, a huge trojan attack on Apple’s Mac OS X has been spotted by Russian anti-virus vendor Dr Web. Their research has concluded that over 550 000 Mac’s have been infected by Trojan BackDoor.Flashback since yesterday (April 4). The computers affected are now part of a ‘botnet’ of machines that can be made to download malicious software at the prompting of various cyber criminals.

Apple prides itself on the fact that Mac OS X is “invulnerable” to hackers

It’s been described by some as a “rude awakening” for many Mac users. However, their “complacency” over viruses isn’t without good reason. Apple’s marketing holds that Mac OS X is invulnerable to viruses. Also, most virus creators look to infect a large number of people, creating a virus for Mac OS X just isn’t viable because there are so few Mac users compared to Windows. Nonetheless, the virus exists, and so obviously these computers aren’t as invulnerable as we first thought.

Naturally, if you own a Mac, there’s a small chance you’ve been affected. Over half of infected computers are USA based, with places like Canada and Europe also suffering. If you’re worried, just run some scans through your anti-virus software. If you don’t have any anti-virus software, I’d recommend getting some.

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Via: The Daily Mail

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