Official Spotify app for iPad coming soon?

When Spotify finally launched in the US last year, one of the biggest questions along with why it took so long, was “where the frig is the iPad app?” The iPhone’s native application made it simple to find songs, create playlists and download for offline listening, but there was a huge gap on the 9.7″ tablet’s display. It baffled me, since there weren’t even any decent third party ones.

Some technology boffin over in Scandinavia (Sweden to be precise) has posted an image of what he claims to be the test version of Spotify’s official app. AWESOME! (If it’s true.) If it isn’t, then I guess I’ll just keep hoping and wishing that something comes, because it really doesn’t make sense that there isn’t one already. On that note, there is a press briefing set to take place on April 18th, in New York. Perhaps it will be announced there? Who knows.

Are you frustrated at the lack of native Spotify app for iPad? We’ve been waiting for eons over here in Europe.

Via: BGR, The Verge

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