Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard Cover could be first decent iPad keyboard

The iPad has had an interesting relationship with keyboards. The device is compatible with a whole host of keyboards from various manufacturers, but there has yet to be one that matches the iPad in usability and portability. Some keyboards out there are great for typing, but are bulky and heavy, taking away from the iPad’s minimalist design. Others are easier to transport, but they usability of the keyboard suffers as a result.

Today it looks as though Logitech is attempting to solve this issue with the new Ultrathin Keyboard Cover. This accessory has been making headlines all day because it combines the protection and portability of a Smart Cover with a long-lasting, easy to use keyboard.

This super thin accessory clips to your iPad magnetically just like a Smart Cover, and it’s even compatible with the Smart Cover instant on and instant off features. And when you’re ready to type, all you have to do is disconnect the magnetic clips from the side of the iPad and place it into the groove for the best viewing angle.

It doesn’t add too much bulk to the iPad, it looks great and the bluetooth keyboard a 6-month battery life on a full charge (providing you don’t exceed an average of two hours of use per day). On paper, it looks like this is the ultimate iPad accessory, and it’s compatible with both the iPad 2 and the new iPad. At $99.99, it’s definitely pricey, though. It comes out later this month in Europe and and the US, so we’ll have to withhold a final opinion until we can get our hands on one.

Are you enticed by Logitech’s new keyboard or do you prefer a different type of iPad keyboard solution?


Via: AppAdvice (via: Logitech)

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  • It was through such devices that modern computer keyboards inherited their layouts.

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