iOS continues to smash Android in the enterprise market

A few days back, Apple launched a brand new iPhone 4S page to show the benefits of iOS in business. It gives really helpful tips and app suggestions to help enterprises make the most of their Apple smartphone. With BlackBerry falling by the way-side and businesses looking for the best alternative, Cupertino has chosen the perfect time to suggest why iOS is indeed the best choice for enterprises. Not that it needs any help.

Good Technology released a press release today to announce specifics on smartphone and tablet activations within companies. As you can see from the chart above, the iPhone 4S is by far the most popular smartphone with businesses. Interestingly, the iPad 2 is the second most popular device, with iPhone 4 and the new iPad taking up 3rd and 4th place. After that it’s the old faithfuls: iPad and iPhone 3GS. Seemingly the 3GS is more popular than even the Galaxy SII, Nexus or Droid. Not bad for a phone that’s approaching its 3rd anniversary.

Above, it’s even more clear how dominant iOS is in the enterprise market, taking a whopping 80%. In a lot of cases, companies run a “bring your own device” scheme. But, for those where the company owns the handsets and provides them to staff, iPhone is almost always preferred to Android.

Interestingly, even when the platforms are split up in to tablets and smartphones, iOS tablets are still more popular than Android phones. When it comes to longevity in the smartphone/mobile device world, if you can get in with corporations and enterprises, you’ll go far. You can be certain that BlackBerry would be nowhere without its years of loyal custom from large and small businesses. Apple has managed to conquer both the consumer and enterprise market, and establish itself as the brand to beat in both.

Full Press Release:


Good Technology Sees Significant Growth as Q1 Activations Nearly Double the
Previous Two Quarters Combined

SUNNYVALE, Calif. – April 26, 2012 – Good Technology ( the
leading provider of secure and managed enterprise mobility and collaboration
tools for a range of mobile devices, today released its quarterly device
activation report for the first quarter of 2012. The full report
( provides a breakdown of
smartphone and tablet devices activated amongst Good’s enterprise customers,
which include eight of the top 10 financial institutions, seven of the top
10 healthcare organizations, half of the Fortune 100, and companies from
every major industry. The results demonstrate that companies continue to
embrace the ‘bring your own device’ (BYOD) trend and accept new devices into
the enterprise.

The Q1 findings showed that Apple’s iPhone 4S hit a record high, claiming
the number one device spot overall, with 37 percent of all activations for
the first quarter (four times that of any other device). The iPad(tm) 2
claimed the second spot overall, with 17.7 percent of activations for the
quarter.  With less than one month on the market, the new iPad(tm), released
in March 2012 
rocketed to the number four spot with 4.3 percent of all activations for the
quarter, and an impressive 12.1 percent of activations in March alone.

Amongst Android(tm) devices, the Motorola Droid(tm) took the top spot, with
1.6 percent of all activations, making it the seventh most popular device
for the quarter. Overall, Android smartphones represented 26.1 percent of
all activations for the quarter, while Android tablets came in at 2.7

BYOD and Tablets Drive Substantial Year-over-Year and Quarter-over-Quarter
Activation Growth for Good

As the leader in enabling BYOD, Good Technology is seeing rapid growth in
both the quantity and size of its customers’ deployments.  The number of
Good customers deploying iOS and/or Android devices grew by more than 50
percent over the past 12 months, while the average Good customer deployment
size more than doubled over the same period.  Even more impressive, in Q1
2012 alone, Good’s activations grew by 50 percent over Q4 2011, and were
nearly double the two previous quarters combined.

“BYOD smartphones and tablets combined with proactive, company-owned iPad
deployments are driving rapid growth both the size and number of new
deployments amongst our customers,” said John Herrema, Good Technology’s SVP
of Corporate Strategy. “This includes significant growth in the number of
Good users who have both a smartphone and a tablet, with the iPhone 4S and
iPad 2 as the most frequently occurring combination.”

Enterprise Users Driving Tablet Adoption

A recent Gartner press release
( forecasts 118.9 million
tablets will be sold this year. Good found that iPads collectively
represented roughly 97.3 percent of its tablet activations for Q1 2012.
Apple’s continued growth is not only being driven by consumers and the
overall BYOD trend, but also by proactive enterprise deployment of iPads.
Apple’s iPhones and iPads remain the clear choice amongst end users when it
comes to both BYOD and large company-driven deployments in verticals such as
Financial Services, Business and Professional Services, Life Sciences and

Life Sciences witnessed the highest rate of growth in the quarter for iPad
net activations by industry, steadily increasing from less than three
percent in October 2011 to nearly 14 percent in January 2012. This growth
mirrors anecdotal data around proactive iPad deployments to sales forces in
that industry, most notably among Pharmaceutical and Biotech companies.

“With Windows 8, we expect more competition for Apple(r) and the iPad in
the enterprise tablet space, especially for proactive, company-owned device
deployments,” said John Herrema, Good Technology’s SVP Corporate Strategy.
“On the smartphone side, we just released support for Windows Phone 7.5 last
week and it will be interesting to see how it performs over the coming

About Good Technology
Good Technology combines award-winning enterprise-grade mobile security and
control with an exceptional user experience, allowing enterprise and
government employees to connect, communicate, and collaborate on iPads(tm),
iPhones(r), Android(tm), Windows Phone and other leading smartphone
platforms. Good opens new possibilities for maximizing business and personal
productivity by providing secure, easy-to-use, and instant mobile access to
email, collaboration, application, document editing and device management
capabilities on iOS and Android devices. Good also enables secure mobile
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