Ellen loves Siri!

Twitter user @RandomPrice passed on a pretty funny video to us. The clip is an excerpt from the Ellen DeGeneres show and it’s basically just Ellen asking Siri all of the funny things the rest of us tried out the week Siri debuted. However, I must admit that even though the material is a little dated, it’s still a pretty funny video. The audience gets so excited every time Siri responds… it’s kind of hilarious.

I’m kind of surprised that Siri is still making her way onto talk shows and news headlines. I would have thought the hype surrounding Apple’s digital assistant would have died down by now. Are you guys surprised that this Ellen featured this Siri segment on her show? Thanks to @RandomPrice for sharing this with us!


Via: Ellen

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  • randomprice

    Yay, you read it!

  • Aww that’s funny and cute! Ellen sure enjoys having Siri in her iphone! :)